International Monetary Systems

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  • IMS started

    IMS started
    Between the world wars, international trade and capital flows shrank compared to the period before World War I. Countries had abandoned the gold standard, but the United States returned to it
  • IMS at the end of the war

    IMS at the end of the war
    At the end of the Wars, The United States entered the Great Depression and started to raise trade barriers. They refused to act as international lenders.
  • The Bretton Woods Era

    The Bretton Woods Era
    In this era the objective was to create an order that combined a system international that help benefits of an integrated and relatively liberal international system with the freedom for governments.
  • The end of The Bretton Woods Era

    The end of The Bretton Woods Era
    President Nixonend all convertibility into gold
  • The post Bretton Woods system (Until present)

    Economist have tried different ways to fixing or updating the Bretton Woods System since developing countries started using it. But with the Dollar had a strong value, it was at no avail.