Internal Combustion Engine

Timeline created by thelegitpeople
  • The "gunpowder" engine

    Christiaan Huygens designs gunpowder to drive water pumps, to supply 3000 cubic meters of water/day for the Versailles palace gardens, essentially creating the first idea of a rudimentary internal combustion piston engine.
  • Creation of ideas for ICE.

    Creation of ideas for ICE.
    Alessandro Volta built a toy electric pistol in which an electric spark exploded a mixture of air and hydrogen, firing a cork from the end of the gun.
  • Isaac de Rivaz produced the first car

    Isaac de Rivaz produced the first car
    Ran on Hydrogen extracted from water. Water ran through the engine, atoms were seperated, Hydrogen in the H2O powered the motors.
  • Samuel Morey patented the internal combustion engine run off of gasoline

    Samuel's engine could run of off gas instead of hydrogen. Morey's engine was less complex than those today.
  • First ICE is sold.

    First ICE is sold.
    Nikolaus Otto was the first to build and sell the engine. He designed an indirect-acting free-piston compressionless engine whose greater efficiency won the support of Eugen Langen and then most of the market, which at that time was mostly for small stationary engines fueled by lighting gas.
  • Sir Dugald Clerk created the first 2-stroke engine

    Clerk's engine works by combining the 4-strokes engine intake and compression stroke and the power and exhaust stroke into just 2 strokes. Compression stroke(piston moving up) brings in fuel/air mixture in as it is compressed and during the power stroke(piston moving down), the fumes are released out of the exaust.
  • Nikolaus Otto is Credited with building the first four stroke engine

    The four strokes consisted of an intake stroke(piston moving down) followed by compression stroke(piston moving up), power stroke(piston moving down) and, finally, the exhaust stroke(piston moving up). His engine was the first successful, efficient engine.
  • Karl Benz was granted a patent for his ICE.

    Karl Benz, working independently, was granted a patent for his internal combustion engine, a reliable two-stroke gas engine, based on the same technology as De Rochas's design of the four-stroke engine. Later, Benz designed and built his own four-stroke engine that was used in his automobiles, became the first automobiles in production.
  • The first petrol ICE.

    British engineer Edward Butler constructed the first petrol (gasoline) internal combustion engine. Butler invented the spark plug, magneto, coil ignition and spray jet carburetor, and was the first to use the word petrol.
  • Karl Benz experiments with Plutonium.

    Tried to substitute gas with plutonium, Karl Benz later discovers the gases from the burning of plutonium caused cancer.
  • Progress

    Wilhelm Maybach designed an engine built at Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft—following the specifications of Emil Jellinek—who required the engine to be named Daimler-Mercedes after his daughter. In 1902 automobiles with that engine were put into production by DMG.
  • ICE becomes an experiment for rocket science

    Konstantin Tsiolkovsky begins a series of theoretical papers discussing the use of rocketry to reach outer space. A major point in his work is liquid fueled rockets.
  • ICE was introduced to rocket science.

    Konstantin Tsiolkovsky begins a series of theoretical papers discussing the use of rocketry to reach outer space. A major point in his work is liquid fueled rockets.
  • Ramjet engine.

    Ramjet engine.
    René Lorin patents a design for the ramjet engine.
  • Indrajeet Chauhan launches 1 million people to planet charlemange thus saving the human race and also plays soccer for UCLA

    The wise man Indrajeet, invents the ultra revolutionary nuclear ICE to save the very last humans, thus, proving humself as a hero and the savior of human kind.