Insurance through My Life

Timeline created by raegane7
  • Born

    I was born in Tennessee, and was added to the health insurance.
  • Flooded Bathroom

    Flooded Bathroom
    (Three Years Old) My cousin and I accidently left the sink faucet on, and it ended up flooding the bathroom. This caused flooring damage in bathroom and part of the bedroom, and as well as part of ceiling leakage in the downstairs. (Home Owners insurance was used.)
  • Burnt Hand

    Burnt Hand
    (Three Years Old) I burnt my hand to a crisp on a clothing iron that was accidently left on. (Health Insurance was used for medical bills.)
  • Car Wreck

    Car Wreck
    (Five Years Old) My grandpa and I were driving home from a birthday party, and someone had hit us from the back at a red light. (Car Insurance was used.)
  • Great Grandmother Died

    Great Grandmother Died
    (Six Years Old) My Great Grandmother had passed away from a heart attack. (Her life insurance was used.)
  • Dog illness

    Dog illness
    (Six Years Old) My childhood dog, Sasha, got sick somehow. (Pet Insurance was ussed.)
  • Great Grandfather Died

    Great Grandfather Died
    (Seven Years Old) My great grandfather died. (Life insurance was used to cover funeral cost.)
  • Broken Arm

    Broken Arm
    (Ten Years Old) I fell off the Monkey Bars at recess, and I broke my arm in three spots. (Health insurance used for medical bills.)
  • New Car

    New Car
    (16 years old) Got a car. (I was added to my parent's car insurance.)
  • Apartment Hunting

    Apartment Hunting
    (19 years old) Apartment Hunting with college friends, and got Renters Insurance in order to lease the apartment.
  • Got Married

    Got Married
    (23 Years Old) Got married, and both got health insurance and baught a house. (Homeowners &Health Insurance Used.)
  • Vacation

    (24 Years Old) Got travel insurance for vacation.
  • Baby Girl

    Baby Girl
    (28 Years Old) Had a baby. (Health insurance for medical bills, and added baby under coverage.)
  • Car Wrech

    Car Wrech
    (38 Years Old) Small Car Wreck, (Car insurance used.)
  • Got daughter a Car

    Got daughter a Car
    (42 Years Old) We baught our daugter a new car for her 16th bday. (She was added to car insurance.)
  • Tornado Hit

    Tornado Hit
    (48 Years Old) House got slightly damaged by a tornado. (Home Insurance was used.)
  • Death

    (60 Years Old) I died of a heart attack. (Life Insurance was used here.)