Imre Lakatos: (1922–1974)

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  • Proofs and Refutations

    Lakatos’s first critical publication was Proofs and Refutations, consisting of four articles. His target audience was formalism and or metamathematics, what he wanted to achieve with this was that axioms were true and proofs were valid, meaning that mathematics could be seen as an accumulation of eternal truths. To help with this argument, the dialogue had some counterexamples which ultimately help improve the proof by finding hidden dilemmas.
  • Changes in the Problem of Inductive Logic

    This was the second paper of three that Lakatos contributed to the International Colloquium. It analyzed the debate between Carnap and Popper in reference to theory and evidence in science. In regard to inductive logic, Lakatos stated that this kind of logic when involved with scientific theories created from observation, would provide a weak or probabilistic justification.
  • Improving on Popper Theory

     Improving on Popper Theory
    One contribution to the philosophy of science Imre Lakatos did was his work on “Methodology of Scientific Research Programmes”. It was a revision of Popper’s Demarcation Criterion, that a theory is only scientific if it is empirically falsifiable. Lakatos’s believed that it was too restrictive and ruled out much of everyday scientific practice. Thus if a theory is refutable and has stayed the same with multiple refutations, than the theory is highly falsifiable yet has not yet been unfalsified.
  • Scientific Evaluation

    What constitutes good or bad science. Lakatos’s believed that good science had to be progressive, meaning it was rational and bad science if it was degenerating. For good Science must meet two conditions, it must be theoretically and empirically progressive. Science and Pseudoscience (Lakatos)