IM Pei

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  • IM Pei

    IM Pei
    IM Pei was born in Canton (Guangzhou), China. One year after he was born he moved to Hong Kong.
  • Move to America

    Move to America
    IM Pei boarded the USS Calvin Coolidge and sailed for San Francisco. He enrolled at Penn.
  • Transfer to MIT

    Transfer to MIT
    IM Pei found college life very different from what he heard. He decided to transfer to MIT in Massachussets. He initially abandoned his architecture major and switched to a engineering degree. The head of MIT convinced him otherwise though.
  • Married

    In 1939 he married Eileen Loo. Her and him were very involved in the Harvard GSD community.
  • First project

    First project
    IM Peis first project was a commericial building in Atlanta.
  • Oklahoma City "Pei Plan"

    Oklahoma City "Pei Plan"
    This was a plan to redesign run down urban Oklahoma city. It was designed to have cheap but affordable housing for inner city people.
  • Dallas City Hall

    Dallas City Hall
    After Kennedys assasination the mayor of dallas wanted to change Dallas's negative public image. He wanted to make the city hall seem less distant and fancy. He commisioned IM Pei.
  • Jacob K Javits convention center

    Jacob K Javits convention center
    Jacob K Javits convention center was built in 1986 and was designed to hold auto shows and exhibitions. It currently holds the NYC auto-show.
  • Bank Of China

    Bank Of China
    He was commisioned by the chinese goverment to build the headquarters for the Federal Bank of China. It is considered a milestone in the building of fiber-glass buildings.
  • IM Pei today.

    IM Pei today.
    IM Pei removed himself from the daily operations of his firm IM Pei and associates. He continues to consult for other companies and live in America.