hugh's timeline

Timeline created by Oxygeddon13
  • when i was born

    I was born on the 12 of may 2000 i was born in calvary hospital at 6:00pm
  • I was taken to the royale Hobart Hospital with suspected mengiatis

  • my first chrismas

  • when i started to walk

    i wasn't much of a walker, i was more of a climber
  • My sister lucy was born

    My sister Lucy was born on the 23rd of janury 2002 4:00am and she was born in the hobart private.
  • we moved house

    We moved to 23 Mt stewert rd.
  • We moved house

  • We movedhouse

    We moved to 74 nedigate st. west hobart witch is our current location.
  • My grandmother died

  • i started school at sared hart colledge

  • My first trip on a aeroplane

  • I had my tonsils

  • when i started at hutchins

  • I went to Melbourne, and went to science works

  • I played football for hutchins

  • My Grandfather died of a heart attack

  • I went to the australian open, with my father

  • I saw My first Musical Wicked

  • My family and i Went to Sydney

  • I started to play for sandybay sharks

  • My grandfather died of a lung failure and heart failure

  • I played for Canterberry Hocky club

  • I went to sydney, and had a look at the marratime museum, and looked at the boat exibition that was on.