Visual Media in My Life

Timeline created by samuel.dahl
  • CRT TV

    CRT TV
    I remember our first TV, a brown and black box with a turn-style knob on it.
  • VHS

    We had a small collection of VHS Disney movies. I remember how excited I was when we finally got the Star Wars movies on VHS.
  • Rabbit Ears

    Rabbit Ears
    In order to watch broadcast television (never had cable), we had to use rabbit ear antennae. If I was lucky, we could get a strong signal on Star Trek: The Next Generation, or maybe the Simpsons!
  • Film Projector

    Film Projector
    In elementary school, we still had noisy film projectors to watch educational films.
  • Laserdisc

    I remember in middle school my science teacher brought in a huge laserdisc player with a tv. We watched a laserdisc video about Mount Saint Helens.
  • DVD

    We got a cheap, low quality DVD player at a Black Friday Sale at Walmart towards the end of high school. The first DVD's I bought were the Indiana Jones movies.
  • Flat Screen TV

    Flat Screen TV
    Bought my first 32 inch flat screen tv from a random dude I met at Walmart.
  • Blu-Ray

    Still my preferred form of media.
  • VUDU

    I keep all of my digital copies of movies I own on VUDU, allowing me to stream them anywhere on my phone or iPad.
  • Netflix

    Finally subscribed to Netflix. Most of their original shows were trash so I cancelled in 2018.
  • Youtube

    I spent way too much time watching funny youtube videos over the years. Still use it for education/how-to videos.
  • Hulu

    Cancelled Netflix and got Hulu FREE bundled with Spotify account.