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  • Boar war

    Boar war
    1880-1881 and 1899-1902
    Boer War, marked Canada's first official dispatch of troops to an overseas war.
  • War Measures Act

    War Measures Act
    This allowed the federal government to suspend civil liberties and by-pass parliament to do things through order-in-council that it felt were necessary for the war.
  • Archduke Dead

    Archduke Dead
    Archduke and wife dies, this is what sparks the war.
  • Second Battle of Yepres

    Second Battle of Yepres
    During this battle the size of the Ypres Salient had been reduced such that Ypres itself was closer to the line. It was reduced by shelling until virtually nothing remained standing. This battle involved much gassing. The Canadian Division was forced to absorb several thousand replacements shortly afterwards, but had presented a mostly favourable image to their allies and the world. The battle blooded many commanders, singling out some for praise, such as brigade commander Arthur Currie, and oth
  • Battle of somme

    Battle of somme
    The Battle of the Somme was the first time that tanks were used in warfare. These tanks were extremely unreliable and were often destroyed by Geman artillery fire. They required a crew of 3 men and could only traverse 'no man's land' at 3 mph and couldn't cross trenches. The Battle of the Somme is also notable for the horrific loss of life. On the first day of the battle 57,500 British and British Empire troops were killed or wounded. This is the greatest casualites suffered by a British army
  • Battle of Passchendaele

    Battle of Passchendaele
    100,000 men killed in a few days for almost no gain. Did not bring the war to an end. Did not conquer territory. It showed the futility of sending waves of men against machine guns and artillery.The men were told to leave their trenches and walk in line toward the enemy lines. They were completely exposed. The military idea was that brave soldiers with bayonets fixed would cause the enemy to flee in fear. It did not work.
  • Conscription Crisis

    Conscription Crisis
    Every able body man had to go to war.
  • Canada's 100 days

    Canada's 100 days
    In French it is sometimes referred to as "Les cent jours du Canada" (Canada's Hundred Days), highlighting the prominent participation of the Canadian Corps under British First Army command.
  • Paris Peace Conference

    Paris Peace Conference
    Although there were many canadian casualties, canada did not get a say during the paris peace conference.