History of video games

Timeline created by Valerodriguez33
  • Tennis for two

    A simple two player tennis simulation built for an analogue machine
  • Space war

    A such fruit of curiosity from MIT
  • Computer space

    Is a commercial application of this electronic attractions were released in the form of arcade games. It's consist a mass produce, self contained units which dispense coin operated entertainment
  • Pong

    Is the most iconic game from this era, so it's proving phenomenally popular and becoming the first commercially successful game
  • Maze Way

    Is arguably the very first FPS
  • Breakout

    it's a a bat and ball paradigm, by adding destructible bricks into the mix although the following year saw a recession of the most nascent video game industry.
  • Space invaders

    A new wave of games ushered in the golden age of arcade, with the Taito's space invaders sparking the shooting genre, filling coin boxes worldwide
  • Asteroids

    Was similarly popular, with it's smooth vector graphics and slick spaces game play thrusting it firmly into popular culture
  • Pac Man

    While the voracious yellow circle segment happily gobbled quarters, early computer games
  • Zorch and rogue

    Zork - one of the first interactive fiction adventures and Rogue is a seminal dungeon crawler that spawned an entire genre
  • Donkey Kong

    Saw Mario's very first outing Donkey Kong althought at the time he was simply known as Jumpman
  • Dig dug

    Another round of arcade hits dropped, the excavatory explots
  • video game

    That crash nearly destroyed the entire American video game industry permitting a shift towards japanese consoles
  • Elite

    The 3D wireframe graphics of space trader elite, might not have been as colorful, but the game offered a depth of gameplay and freedom seldom since matched
  • Tetris

    The tumbling tetrominoes originating on the soviet elektronika 60, and eventually finding a home on most others platforms
  • Super Mario Bros

    The American release of the NES came, and with it Super Mario Bros
  • The legend of Zelda

    Introduced a charming blend of action and adventure set in the fantasy land of Hyrule
  • Mega man

    keep platforming action and nonlinear stage selection
  • Exile

    Pushing the limit of the 8 - bit machines with deleted physics and fiendish puzzles
  • Sonic the hedgehog

    Is an iconic platformer that still wows visually today
  • Doom

    Further cemented the FPS's enduring popularity, with the high - action gore - filled gunplay appealing to many
  • 32 - bit playstation

    The new hardware provided the basis for Tekken: building on the foundation laid by Sega's Virtual whilst refining the presentation and controls
  • Super Mario 64

    With the processing power to support a 3D world and a joypad with analogue precision and enough buttons to control the camera as well as Mario.
  • Gran turismo

    With a diverse set of cars and tracks making for a definitive driving experience
  • Counter strike

    First emerging as a mod for Half - life, counter strike boasted tense shooting action that would retain a huge audience
  • Grand Theft Auto

    With the third entry broaching the 3D with an ambitious open world.
  • Call of Duty

    Instead of focusing on a single front, multiple facets were show with three authentic and interwoven campaigns.
  • Guitar Hero

    Sparking a cultural phenomenon and somehow convincing everyone that interesting in fake plastic guitars
  • Call of Duty 4

    Modern warfare bringing the modern military shooter to the fore front of a entire generation
  • Minecraft

    Was the first public alpha available
  • The Elder Scrolls

    This returned with Skyrim, with the frost - laced northern realm serving as a backdrop for a role playing tale of fate and dragons
  • Generation

    Has had some highlights emerge form the embersof the current generation