History of Tobacco

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In History
  • 6,000 BCE

    The first Tobacco Cultivation

    The first Tobacco Cultivation
    Native Americans started to cultivate the tobacco plant.
  • 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    Christopher Columbus receives dried tobacco leaves as a gift from the native Americans when he first arrived.
  • 1531

    European cultivation

    The Europeans were introduced to Tobacco in 1492 and they began cultivation in Central America in 1531.
  • 1571


    European doctors started to advertise the potential benefits of consuming tobacco and called it a "cure-all".
  • Tobacco's journey to Africa

    Tobacco is exported to Africa. European settlers grow it an use it a currency
  • The Beginning of Exploitation

    African slaves are forced to work on tobacco plantations, years before they become a workforce in the cotton field.
  • The First Tobacco stores in America

    First American tobacco stores open their doors in Virginia.
  • Potential Dangers of Tobacco

    British doctors found out that powdered tobacco increases the risks of nose cancer.
  • Cigarettes a New Luxury

    Cigarettes a New Luxury
    Hand-rolled cigarettes became the new vogue in many parts of the world. Cigarettes became a luxury item in many parts of Europe and only aristocrats were able to afford them.
  • No Longer Luxury

    No Longer Luxury
    Developed the first tobacco rolling machine
  • Mass Production

    Mass Production
    Over 70 billion cigarettes are sold in the US
  • Obligated to the Truth

    Tobacco manufacturers obliged to print a warning on the labels that smoking is a health hazard.
  • Bans on public smoking

    Bans on public smoking came in to effect in most parts of America and the rest of the world.
  • E-cigarettes and vaping

    E-cigarettes and vaping
    Modern day people developed E-cigarettes that contains around 10 times the amount of nicotine that can be harvested from tobacco. When vaping was first introduced, there was a misconception that vaping was healthier than taking regular cigarettes and that you are inhaling mist instead of doses of smoke. However, this was not the case and there are currently numerous organizations and institutions that spread awareness about the harmfulness of these drugs. These organizations include FCD.