History of the Internet

Timeline created by SammElaina
  • Arpanet

    first network to run on packet switching technology
  • Email

    first developed by Ray Tomlinson,
  • Spam

    first unsolicited commercial email message (later known as spam)
  • The first emoticon

    Scott Fahlman used :-) after a joke, rather than the original -)
  • AOL is launched

    America Online was born, AOL.
  • First web page created

    its purpose was to explain what the World Wide Web was
  • Audio and Video

    the first audio and video are distributed over the Internet.
  • Google

    Google went live, revolutionizing the way in which people find information online.
  • Facebook

    Facebook launched, at the time it was only open to college students and was called "The Facebook";
  • Youtube

    YouTube launched, bringing free online video hosting and sharing to the masses.