History Of The Atom Theory

Timeline created by Amanda Fernandez Medina
  • -460 BCE


    Democritus was a central figure in the development of the atomic theory of the universe.
  • Dalton

    He was a British naturalist, chemist, mathematician and meteorologist. His works include the atomic model and his table of relative weights of the elements, which contributed to laying the foundations of modern chemistry.
  • Thomson

    Thomson, was a British scientist, discoverer of the electron, of isotopes and inventor of the mass spectrometer.
  • Rutherford

    He dedicated himself to the study of radioactive particles and managed to classify them into alpha, beta and gamma.
  • Bohr

    He was a Danish physicist who contributed to the understanding of the atom and quantum mechanics.
  • Modern Quantum Cloud Model Post

    Modern Quantum Cloud Model Post
    It is based on quantum theory, which says matter also has properties associated with waves. According to quantum theory, it’s impossible to know the exact position and momentum of an electron at the same time. This is known as the Uncertainty Principle.