History of Soccer Timeline

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In History
  • First Written Rules

    First Written Rules
    First rules of soccer are drawn up at Cambrige University
  • First Soccer Teams

    First Soccer Teams
    During the 1850's, the 1st soccer clubs not connected to schools were created during the 1850's
  • Oldest Remaining Ball

    Oldest Remaining Ball
    First soccer ball designed and built by Charles goodyear.
  • First Soccer Competition

    First Soccer Competition
    First Soccer competition was the FA cup and has been contested by english teams
  • Ongoing Efforts

    Ongoing Efforts
    First Formation of the football association (FA).
  • First International Game

    First International Game
    First Official international football match took place between scotland and england in moscow
  • First Proffessional team

    First Proffessional team
    Aston Villa was the 1st proffessional team coached by William McGregor
  • Induction of the Penalty Kick

    Induction of the Penalty Kick
    Penalty kick is added to the Official rules of soccer
  • FIFA Created

    FIFA Created
    International Football body was formed in paris called FIFA
  • An Olympic Event

    An Olympic Event
    Soccer became an official olympic event in 1908
  • First World cup

    First World cup
    Uruguay wins the inagural world cup in 1930
  • New Laws

    New Laws
    Present laws of the game are framed into a new system based on the previous laws
  • Pele Was Born

    Pele Was Born
    Abeidi Pele, "The King of Football", arguably the best soccer player of all time, is born.
  • Hungary Changes History

    Hungary Changes History
    England loses their first home game ever to hungary
  • Rivarly Started

    Rivarly Started
    Liverpool vs. Manchester Utd. rivalry blossoms
  • Cards

    The system of red and yellow cards are introduced to the FIFA world cup finals
  • Pele Retires

    Pele Retires
    Pele retires from international competition in 1971 in front of 150,000 people.
  • "Hand of God" goal

    "Hand of God" goal
    "Hand of God" goal is a controversial goal that Diego Maradona scored using his hand, creating the illusion that it was actually a header. No referee caught him.
  • US Women win 1st Womens WC

    US Women win 1st Womens WC
    the united states' women's national team wins the 1st ever womes world cup in 1991
  • MLS

    MLS begins as the top pro soccer league in United States
  • Women's team wins Olympics

    Women's team wins Olympics
    Womens National team wins the United States' first soccer event at the Olympics
  • Refferees Renamed

    Refferees Renamed
    Linesman Judges are renamed to asst. refferees
  • United Win it in a Minute

    United Win it in a Minute
    manchester Utd beats bayern munich with one minute left to win the UEFA championship
  • Real Madrid sets UEFA cup Record

    Real Madrid sets UEFA cup Record
    Real Madrid wins its record 9th UEFA cup, setting a record
  • World cup on new grounds

    World cup on new grounds
    First world cup held outside of either Europe or americas
  • World Cup Record

    World Cup Record
    Brazil Wins it's 5th world cup, setting a world record
  • Zidane Headbutt

    Zidane Headbutt
    Zenidine Zedane headbutts an Italian player in the world cup final, obtaining a red card. France would end up losing in Penalty Kicks
  • David Beckham

    David Beckham
    David Beckham comes the the United states to play for the MLS's LA Galaxy. Thierry Henry shortly followed, hopefully starting a trend for foreign players in the US.
  • Record Contract

    Record Contract
    Christiano Ronaldo leaves Manchester United to Real Madrid for a record $80,000,000.
  • Japan defeats US

    Japan defeats US
    Japan's womens national team defeats the United states in the 2011 world cup, one of the greatest upsets of all time
  • Spain wins 3 Straight

    Spain wins 3 Straight
    Spanish national team wins its third consecutive major world championship (World Cup, Euro Cup, Euro Cup)