History of Soccer

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  • Contemporary Soccer

    Contemporary Soccer
    The game of soccer has been said to have developed throughout history within the Han Dynasty, Japan, and early Greece and Rome. Yet, the first contemporary version was played in England in 1863 upon the formation of the Football association of England. Link to source of information
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    History of Soccer

  • First Official Match

    First Official Match
    The first official football match was played. Scotland faced England at a Cricket Ground in Glasgow. The match ended in a draw. This would be lead some of the first formation strategies within the game of soccer and the first development of a crossbar for the goal. Link to source of information
  • Penalty Kick Established

    Penalty Kick Established
    A penalty kick is a free kick at the goal from the penalty spot (which only the goalkeeper is allowed to defend), awarded to the attacking team after a foul within the penalty area by an opponent. In addition, a penalty shootout may be used as a tiebreaker. Link to source of information Link to a video example of a penalty shootout
  • First Olympic Soccer Match

    First Olympic Soccer Match
    Soccer was played at the Olympics for the first time in the year 1900. Great Britain won the gold medal in men’s football. This first round of Olympic soccer was influential for the sport’s popularity and the development of international soccer matches. Link to source of information
  • FIFA Established

    FIFA Established
    FIFA, or the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, is known as the international governing body of association football. This association helped to connect 211 associations through the sport. Link to source of information
  • Laws of Soccer

    Laws of Soccer
    In the late 1930’s the rules of soccer, at the time totaling to 17, were updated by Stanley Rous and not revised again until 1997. These laws set the standard for the rules and regulations of soccer throughout the sport. Link to source of information
  • First FIFA World Cup

    First FIFA World Cup
    The first FIFA world cup was held in Montevideo, Uruguay, with 13 teams. Uruguay won the first world cup. The FIFA world cup has since been held every four years, largely impacting soccer culture and the economies of hosting countries. Link to source of information
  • Offside Rule Created

    Offside Rule Created
    The offside law of soccer was last revised in 1990, but originated in 1863. This states that a player is offside if “he is nearer to his opponents' goal line than both the ball and the second last opponent”. This new law, promoted fairness within the game. Link to source of information Link to video explaining offside rule
  • MLS Established

    MLS Established
    Major League Soccer was established as the top pro-soccer league in the United States. The team D.C. United was the first team to win the cup. The MLS has impacted the development of soccer regulations and gained fans throughout the country. Link to source of information Link to MLS soccer videos
  • Women's Olympic Soccer

    Women's Olympic Soccer
    The first ever Women’s soccer event at the Olympics was won by the American team. This event along with the first Women’s world cup have helped open up opportunities for women in soccer. Link to source of information