History of Multicultural Education

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  • Salem College

    Salem College
    The founding of Salem College is a one of the first steps taken that acknowledges a women's right to an education. The fact that it is a college makes it more rewarding, and gives hope to the possibility for more for women
  • A Grammatical Institute of the English Language

    A Grammatical Institute of the English Language
    Though Noah Webster's intended use of the textbooks may have been improve the skills of privileged individuals lucky enough to attend school, the textbook also allowed for those who were not as fortunate to self-educate themselves. The textbook gave examples of spelling, grammar, and reading prompts that allowed for lower case citizens to expand they're vocabulary. Thereby giving them a chance to express themselves in a way that would gain the respect of those above them.
  • African Institute

    African Institute
    The founding of the African Institute now called Cheyney University sets the stage for higher education for African Americans. It holds African American to the same level as whites.
  • University of Iowa

    University of Iowa
    University of Iowa is the first to "admit men and women on an equal basis. This is a demonstration of good faith and sets the appresident that women deserve the same rights as men