History of Mathematics Education

Timeline created by Lauraew
In History
  • FIrst Chair in Education

    University Halle, 1779
  • First Lectures in Education

    U of Uppsala
  • First Normal School in France

    Ecole Normale Superieure estalished by Napoleon
  • Boston's Comprehensive School Survey

  • Erlanger Programm

    Study published by Felix Klein regarding groundbreaking research in teaching geometry
  • NY College for the Training of Teachers

  • L'Enseignment Mathematique

    Journal founded by Henri Fehr and Charles Laisant as the Internationl Commission of the Teaching of Mathematics official journal. this journak marked the beginning of efforts by mathemeticians and mathematics educators to not only reform school mathematics but to gather data regarding it.
  • International Commission on the Teaching of Mathematcis

    Formed in Rome at the Fourth International Congress of Mathemeticians
  • First doctoral degree in ed.

  • First Doctoral Degree in Math Ed

    Supervised by Felix Klein in Gottingen, Germany and earned by Rudolf Schimmack
  • NCTM formed

    Formation of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Alfred Binet begins lab experiments

  • Eight Year Study begins

    Longitudinal study designed to assess long-term effects of curriculum change , funded by Carnegie Corp. etc.
  • Research in Mathematics Education

    New section created in Mathematics Teacher magazine
  • Investigations in Mathematics Education

    First of a series, journal of abstracts from the School Mathematics Study Group at Stanford University
  • Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

    Vol. 1, Number 1 issue published