History of Law: Law 12-Dylan Major

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In History
  • 1,792 BCE

    Hammurabi's Code

    Hammurabi's Code
    •1792-1750 BCE Babylon
    •Near 300 Written Laws
    •Harsh Punishments
    •Status and Class were Considered in Punishment
    •Earliest Recorded Code of Laws
    •Widely Used
    •Broad Influence Over Western Laws
  • -451 BCE

    Code of Justinian

    Code of Justinian
    •451-450 BCE Byzantine Empire
    •Eye for an Eye Punishments
    •Division Between Criminal and Civil Law
    •Foundation for Western Laws
    •Basis for Law in Criminal Justice, Marriage, Property, Slavery, and Women's Rights
  • 1451

    Iroquois Great Law of Peace

    Iroquois Great Law of Peace
    •Five Nations (Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Cayuga, and Onondaga)
    •Modern Law Structure Modeled After it
    •System of Passing and Amending Laws
    •Referendum Process
    •Some Systems still used Today
  • Common Law

    •Set of values in modern society
    •Not explicit law but closely followed
    •Used around western society
  • Indian Act

    Indian Act
    •Used to Assimilate Indigenous People into the ways of the Settlers
    •Banned Traditional Ceremonies
    •Outlined who could and could not be Considered 'Indian' by Law
    •Still Active Today but Heavily Changed
  • Women's Rights in Canada

    Women's Rights in Canada
    •1911 Marks the Start of National Unrest
    •May 1918 Some Women get the Federal Vote
    •1948 Elections Act is Revised
    •1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms becomes Law
  • Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    •Outlined as the necessary rights and freedoms for Canadians
    •Shows what the government can and cannot do
    •Protects citizens rights