History of Education in Caribbean

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In History
  • Pre-emancipation

    No formal Education for slaves; only religious instruction via sunday school and night school
  • Formal Schooling

    Some islands had slave schools (Trinidad, British Guiana) and Grammar schools for less wealthy white boys (Barbados)
  • Emancipation Era

    British Government funds Negro Education Grant in ex-slave colonies. Formal education for all.
  • Education Acts introduced

    Education acts are passed to maintain religious instruction ( committees, boards, etc.)
  • Elementary Education

    Denominational and secular schools available. ( Jamaica)
  • Training Colleges

    Bishop George Westerby established the Spring Gardens Teacher Training College in Antigua. Coutnries that benefited included Montserrat, Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis and Anguilla.
  • Payment by Result System

    Introduced first in Barbados to assist in financing of schools. (Jamaica)
    Pupil-teacher system was an outcome of this system
  • Commissions established

    Establishment of commissions to examine spending on education and effectiveness of Payment By Results system.
  • Education Bill

    The elementary education bill abolished in Jamaica and fees introduced in form of Education Tax
  • Board of Education

    Establishment of first Board of Education in Jamaica
  • British funded Agricultural Programmes

    British Government finances Agricultural Instruction Programmes
  • Govenrment established colleges

    Government run training colleges established in Trinidad and British Guiana.