History of Dance

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  • 200


    The first drwing of dance goes back to 200BC
  • Nov 2, 1500


    Dance can be recognized as ballet in the renaissance of the 1500's located in France
  • French Court

    French Court
    Ballet was started by the french court as a way to celebrate themselves and all their greatness
  • Europe

    Ballet moved to Europe and became its own art. This is where the idea of point ballet started because they took off the heel of a high heel so the dancer could dance on her tippy toes.
  • ballerinas

    In the 18th and 19th Centuris, ballerinas took center stage and the men were ususally just there to lift them.
  • Russia

    In the early 20th century the ballet russe had the male dancer (Nijinsky) become the star.
  • contemporary

    In the 20th Century there were people against ballet that started contemporary dance.
  • Now what dance is like

    Now dance has many more styles of dance like MoPed, Acrobatics, and many more different styles of dance. Dance is now open to anyone but in the olden days only the royal could dance to show how great they were.
  • Thanks for watching

    Thanks for watching
    I hope you enjoyed learning about the history of dance with me.
  • Dance in the future

    In the future I think there will be many other styles of dance like tap mixed with ballet or modern mixed with hip-hop. I also think that dance in the future will actually be able to talk for you and say what your feeling.
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    History of Dance

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    new dance styles

    In the 21st century we've seen even more new dance styles like MoPed.
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    History of Dance