History of Computers in the 1970's

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  • IBM System/370

    IBM System/370
    This was one of the first computer to use virtual memory and memory chips, instead of magnetic core memory. These computers by IBM supported and held vast quantities of information. They hit for a high price at around $111,000.
  • Floppy Disks released

    Floppy Disks released
    David L Noble created the first floppy disk, through IBM. Storing 80 kB of data, this 8" "memory disk" was double the size of what is seen today. By 1976 they went down in size to just about 5.25"
  • IBM 5100

    IBM 5100
    Another great invention by IBM in the 70's, the IBM 5100. This was the first portable PC invented. This shaped the way for portable computers, or laptops as we have today. Although same concept, these were much different than current laptops, weighing at 55 pounds with a 5 inch CRT screen. Six years later IBM would then come out with its first "person computer"
  • Apple I

    Apple I
    Created by Steve Wozniac, this was considered Apple's first product. As it came with a fully assembled circuit board, you had to supply your own keyboard, case, power supply, and monitor with this one. This was then discontinued the following year, with the invention of the Apple II
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    Steve Wozniac came back in 1977, with what was said to be the first highly successful and easy to use microcomputers invented. This computer had a floppy disk interface for loading programs and storing-- considered a "gaming machine". Selling approximately 5 million units, this turned Apple into a well-known brand of it's time, as it is currently today.