History of Computers

Timeline created by 16Tmeloni7
  • Calculating Clock

    Calculating Clock
    Wilhelm Schickard designs the first known mechanical calculator.
    The reason I included this was because it is one of the first Machanical Calculators, which has excelled into our modern day calculator.
  • Pascaline

    Blaise Pascal invents an adding machine called the Pascaline. It was very expensive, and only Pascal could keep it functioning.
    This was included because it's one of the first machines that added, and was very similar to a type writer.
  • Multiplying Calculator

    Multiplying Calculator
    Earl of Stanhope III invents a multiplying calculator.
    This is important because we wouldn't be able to have easy multiplication, and would slow down a lot of work. Multiplication is a very hard thing to worry about when you're doing huge equations.
  • First Mass-Produced Calculator

    First Mass-Produced Calculator
    The first mass-produced calculating machine, Thomas de Colmar's Arithmometer, is marketed and continues in use for many years.
    This is very important because it's one of the first steps taken to give us our modern day calculators.
  • Telegraph

    The telegraph is invented.
    This was a key event and is very important because, this led up to telephones, then to cell phones, then to iPhones.
  • Morse Code

    Morse Code
    Samuel Morse invents Morse code.
    This is a key event in the history of computers becasue it was one of the big things that jumped us up more towards modern day technology.
  • Radio signals

     Radio signals
    Radio signals were invented by Guglielmo Marconi.
    This is important because it leads to radios, which then leads to televisions. It's a very large key event in long term conversing.
  • Wireless Message

    Wireless Message
    Marconi sends the first transatlantic wireless message.
    This is important because it leads to the main use of televisions and other modern stuff.
  • Z1

    Zuse creates the first programmable calculating machine to use the binary system.
    This is really important because it's technically the first computer.
  • Whirlwind Computer

    Whirlwind Computer
    The Whirlwind computer, the first real-time computer, is developed by Jay Forrester and his team at MIT
  • Commercial transistor

    Commercial transistor
    Commercial transistor computers make their first appearance.
    This is important because it leads to the invention of the modern day computer.