History of computers

Timeline created by alex mckee
  • CRT is developed

    CRT is developed
    F.C Williams dervelops CRT storing device. I think this is important because it was the forerunner to RAM.
  • Keyboard/Screen Display

    Keyboard/Screen Display
    Douglas Engelbart theorises on interactive computing with keyboard and screen display instead of on punchcards. I think this is important because that is what we use today.
  • First Electronic Computer

    First Electronic Computer
    Hideo Yamachito from Japan creates the first electronic computer. This is important because computers are also currently electronic.

    The Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer starts to perform basic tasks. The ENIAC used decimal, but the EDVAC used binary. I think this is important because it was one of the first computers to use binary code.
  • The First Supercomputer

    The First Supercomputer
    Invented by Seymour Cray. Named the CDC 7600. Marks the start of fast computers.
  • RAM is invented

    RAM is invented
    Introducted by Intel. also introducted the first microproccer. The memory stick that makes having a computer much easier and less expensive, still used today.
  • E-Mail is created

    E-Mail is created
    invented by Ray Tomlinson. shows the world fast ways of communicating. gives hope. still used today. inspires many more creations of fast communication.
  • CD is invented in the US

    CD is invented in the US
    The very first compact disk is introdunced in the United States. Shows the small memory is possible. Starts the trend of music made easier. Helps inspire ipods.
  • Microsoft Corporation

    Microsoft Corporation
    Founded in by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. marks the start of a great computer company and the start of great technology stars that will soon create many more programs.
  • The Internet

    The Internet
    Tim Berners Lee and Robert Cailliau create the internet we use today. The internet is so widely used today without it we could not do so many things. I would not be using the programs right now, and it led the advancement of many programs.