History of Computers

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    History of Computers

  • First Computer Avalible to the Public

    First Computer Avalible to the Public
    John Presper Eckert & John W. Mauchly created the fist computer avalible to the public. These were UNIVAC computers.
    This is important because it introduced computers to the public and got them interested in using them.
  • First Computer Game Invented

    First Computer Game Invented
    Steve Russell & MIT created the first computer game. It was called Spacewar.
    This is important because before then, computers were just used for eduation, but now as recreation devices, they became much more popular.
  • Invention of the Internet

    Invention of the Internet
    ARPAnet was the company that made the original internet.
    This was important because people no longer had to go to the library to look things up, and could now have the entire world at their finger tips.
  • E-Mail

    Ray Tomlison invented the firts e-mail.
    This is important because people started using computers as communication tools as appoesed to just being used for research and storing data.
  • First Home Computer

    First Home Computer
    IBM created the IBM PC, the first personal computer.
    This is important because it helped computers become more accessible and commonly used.
  • Laptop

    Manny Fernandez created the first functional laptop computer with his company, Gavial Caomputer.
    This is important because people were able to transport their computers.
  • Apple Macintosh Computer

    Apple Macintosh Computer
    The first Apple Machintosh computer was invented by Steve Jobs.
    This was important because it was a more affordable home computer with GUI.
  • Microsoft Windows is Invented

    Microsoft Windows is Invented
    The Miscosoft Windows software was invented.
    This is important because Microsoft made computers easier to use with software that was understandable.
  • Invention of the iPod

    Invention of the iPod
    Tony Fadell wanted to create a better MP3 player, and was hired by Apple to do so, and he came up with the iPod. This is important because it was the first extremely functional portable mucis player created. It got people very interested in tefchnology and Apple Computers.
  • iPad

    Apple invented the pad, which is an electronic tablet that allows the user to acess the intentent, watch movies, play games, and much more.
    This is important because it's portable and can be used for everything from entertainment to business work.