HIstory of Computers

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    History of Computers

  • MIT Whirlwind

    MIT Whirlwind
    The first computer with reliable OS, running 35 hours a week,using an electrostatic tube.
  • First electic computer

    First electic computer
    Japan builds the first electric computer
  • Apollo Guidance Compuer

    Apollo Guidance Compuer
    The Apollo Guidance computer made its way out orbiting the Earth on Apollo 7. This was a very big event because it was the first time anything this major had happened.
  • First Apple computer

    First Apple computer
    Steve Wonziak created the first Apple I, then later selling it with Steve Jobs. It was the first successful vector processor. This was very important because they started something so revolutionary that we use it daily.
  • Apple Macintosh- First mouse driven computer

    Apple Macintosh- First mouse driven computer
    This was the first mouse-driven computer, with GUI. It was important because it was a big step for computers!
  • iMac

    Apple released the new computer iMac. Another huge step for Apple, they continued to grow. It has definitely improved greatly from the first Apple I, to the iMac. But, there is still more to come!
  • Mac OS X, Windows XP, Linux 2.4.0

    Mac OS X, Windows XP, Linux 2.4.0
    New versions of three major operating systems are relased. Mac OS X was a very big step, and it continues to grow. Windows XP has also improved since, and it has resulted very well.
  • BlackBerry

    RIM releases the smartphone: The BlackBerry. It was their very first smartphone, and everyone was so into it. The smartphones have grown and advanced so much more, from then to now.
  • iPhone

    The Apple iPhone was created and released. A huge step for Apple, made news worldwide. It was their first phone, so it was a really great thing for them.
  • iPad

    Apple created the iPad. Everyone knew the iPad was going to be a big hit, not only considering it was created by Apple, but because it was capable of so many things. It was basically like a larger iTouch, which was also a great invention. It was important because it was one of the tablets that was successful.