History Of Computers

Timeline created by cmartz15
  • The Z1

    Zuse introduces his Z1 the first programmable calculating machine to use the binary system.
  • First Real Time Computer

    First Real Time Computer
    The Whirlwind computer is developed by Jay Forrester and his friends at MIT. This is important because it is the first of it's real time kind
  • Magnetic Memory

    Magnetic Memory
    Jay Forester develops magnetic memory at MIT. This is important as it allows us to store more data.
  • Video Games

    Video Games
    The first video game is invented by Steve Russell at MIT. This is important because this is the beggining of all video games.
  • Pong

    Nolan Vushnell invents pong. This was extremely popular and made him rich as well as showed that video games should be made a lot
  • Macintosh

    Apple launches Macintosh with a commercial at the super bowl. This was a very cool commercial
  • Windows

    Microsoft releases Windows. This was actually was a pretty good operating system
  • CD-ROM

    Laptops get CD-ROM drives this is super cool because it is like unlimitid hard drives.
  • Google

    Google is made! this is important becuase everyone uses it!
  • Iphone

    The Iphone is introduced! This is important because it was on eof the first real smart phones