History of Communcation

Timeline created by alex.castleberry
  • newspaper

    the newspaper was the news and still is even now we have tv
  • telegraph

    the telegraph was made for milltary, medical, and sevices purpose
  • telephone

    the telephone was invited by alexander granham bell the telephone was wired to the wall
  • radio

    the radio is used for military, and entertanment purposes
  • cell phone

    cell phone
    the cell phone is a combonation of the telegram and homphone
  • fax machine

    fax machine
    the fax machine was like the telegraph but easier to use and read
  • pager

    a pager was the first kind of texting the pager was first used by the police
  • email

    email is a messageing system that can send from around the world no fee
  • instant message

    instant message
    instant message is a kind of mail that can be used anytime y where anytime instanly
  • social networking

    social networking
    social networking is posting pictures and commenting on pictures