History of Cameras

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  • First Camera Invented

    First Camera Invented
    The first camera invented was made by Alexander Wolcott. His camera design was patented on May 8, 1840. His invention made it possible for candid photos to be taken and not fade away with time. Mr. Wolcott also has the distinction of opening the earliest photography shop (known as a daguerran parlor) in New York.
  • 1840 Cameras

    The exact date and origin are unknown though it exactly resembles the daguerreotype cameras of the 19th century 1840's. It was at one time a working daguerreotype in the style of the 19th century Daguerreotype Camera
  • 1841

    the Compass 20 2-Stage Alloy system combines with Compass 20 fluid head and cost-effective yet stable Toggle tripod with above ground spreader to provide professional performance for the latest generation of lightweight HDV/DVCAM/XDCAM and P2HD cameras.
  • 1854

    George Eastman’s Legacy is indisputable. It is through his vision that we are all able to indulge in photography, even to this day.
  • 2001

    in 2000 - 20001 they have been making new cameras and alot with nerw comopanys
  • 2004

    With the new Olympus e-magazine, Olympus intensifies direct communication with its customers. The high quality photo magazine from the opto-digital specialist is aimed at all Olympus E-System photographers and will be sent exclusively to participants in the three membership programmes for the digital SLR system. This new publication features an attractive mix of subjects dealing with the Olympus E-System and provides news from the world of photography plus a wealth of striking photos. The 28-pag
  • 2006

    New Group simplifies NAND Flash integration : Hynix Semi-conductor, Intel Corporation, Micron Technology, Phison Electronics Corporation and Sony Corporation are among the founding companies that today announced the formation of the Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) Working Group. The mission of the ONFI Working Group is to simplify integration of NAND flash memory into consumer electronics (CE) devices and computing platforms. These leading companies are jointly defining an enhanced chip-level s
  • 2008

    Suddenly, it really feels like Christmas, BH Photo has the Hitachi DZ-BD7HA video camera for $499 USD including shipping within the continental USA. This is not a still camera as we normally review at Neocamera but a true digital video camera which can record full 1080p video, the maximum HDTV resolution available. Video features of these cameras are more advanced and more complete than any digital still camera’s video mode. What is special about this video camera is that it can record up to 4
  • 2010

    The digital camera so popular today is the end product of a long evolution of cameras, from primitive pinholes and the surprisingly early advent of color photography to the high-tech 35mm cameras of the 20th Century that are all but obsolete now. As cameras become standard features in cell phones, a look at the history of photography
  • 2011

    The history of the camera is interesting, with the precursor of the camera being the Camera Obscura. The camera obscura was not a handheld camera per se, but was a dark chamber which consisted of an optical device for drawing. The camera obscura used a lens or a pinhole to project the image of the scene on a viewing surface. The first camera obscuras were large enough to house one or more people. The evolution into handheld cameras was much more gradual. However, even the handheld cameras of yor
  • 2013

    the popular camera this year is the samsung galaxy