History of Athletic Training

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  • the first beginnings before 1900

    the first beginnings before 1900
    There is no definite beginning of athletic training because sports have existed since antiquity and there have always been injuries. These injurie became more common as sport became organized and team oriented. The emergence of intercollegiate sports produced the greatest demand and started the modern emergence of the profession
  • S.E. Bilik

    S.E. Bilik
    The first book on athletic training was written which was a milestone since it was usually a regular doctor who treated a sports injury. ATC's did not have much knowledge at the time and were only able to implement various kinds of home remedies and administer ointments.
  • Founding of the NATA

    Founding of the NATA
    There were attempts before 1950 to form the National Athletic Trainer's Association, but the war was on too many people's minds. The association finally formed in 1950 when 200 people gathered together in Kansas City.
  • first curriculum

    first curriculum
    the first approved curriculum was put together by NATA in 1959 and it had a large emphasis on secondary teaching as well as health and physical education.
  • first undergraduate programs

    first undergraduate programs
    The schools of Mankato State University, Indiana State University, Lamar University, and the University of New Mexico were the first to have an undergraduate program in this country.
  • steady growth

    steady growth
    by this time, there are 4500 members in the NATA and this was around the time that the athletic training field sought to be recognized as an allied health field instead of a secondary teaching position.
  • higher education

    higher education
    There were now 9 graduate programs of study across the U.S. which was a fast turnaround from when the first one was accredited in 1972.
  • recognition

    The field of athletic training earned recognition as a fellow allied health profession in 1990 by the American Medical Association. This is also when program accreditation started and was done by several groups such as the AMA and other independent and groups owned by NATA.
  • exponential growth

    exponential growth
    today there are over 30000 members in the NATA this acconts for 82 percent of the practicing athletic trainers in this country. Today there are 365 accredited bachelor's programs in this country as well as 20 entry level master's programs, so the field is definitely growing.