Progress and Decline of Canada in 1914-1929

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  • Battle of Ypres

    Canada, UK, and France fought against The German Empire for the city of Ypres. The Germans ended up winning by taking over Ypres. Canada took many causalities.
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assassinated

    Archduke and his wife were both shot while driving in a car. Serbian rebels shot him because they wanted their own country and Archduke was going to become the leader of their empire in the future. This assassination sparked WW1 because the Serbian government were accused by many other countries of proving slave nationalism.
  • War Measures Act

    Sir Robert Borden was the Prime Minister of Canada during WW1. He persuaded his government to create the War Measures Act. This act gave Canada a say on where the Canadian soldiers would be sent and they were able to make sure they were safe.
  • Halifax Explosion

    Halifax Explosion
    After WW1 people cleared out the explosives on ships. In the North end of Halifax one of the ships carrying explosives collided with another ship in the city's harbor. This created the largest human made explosion at the time. Almost 2,000 people died, 9,000 were injured or blinded and 25,000 were left without shelter. This harbor stored many of the ships from the Royal Canadian Navy so they had to be repaired or built from scratch again.
  • End of WW1

    This was a great progress because everyone could feel safe again. All of the soldiers and nurses could return home to their friends and family.
  • Winnipeg General Strike

    Winnipeg General Strike
    After the war people were getting paid very low wages They were getting paid very little because the economy needed to recover from war mode. This caused everyone to go on strike until they got paid more. 30,000 people went to strike within hours.Therefore, the government was forced to listen to Canadians when they didn't want to in the past. The government didn't want all of the businesses, that bring them money, to not be operating so they raised the wages and helped build back up the economy.
  • Canadian Cars

    Canadian Cars
    Canada was the second largest producer of cars next to USA who was first. Canada was also huge exporter of cars and car parts.
  • Insulin was discovered

    Insulin was discovered
    1921 insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting. In the 1900s diabetes was a scary disease that would lead to death. Before they discovered insulin, doctors would put their patients on very strict diets. Sometimes the diets would give the patients a few more years to live, but a lot of the time patients would die from starvation. January 1922 a 14 year old boy in Toronto, Canada was dying from diabetes. He was the first human to be tested on with insulin and the insulin saved his life.
  • Indian Act: Indian children forced to attend school

    Aboriginal children were forced to go to school where they were treated very poorly. These boarding schools were created to make aboriginal kids change their culture and beliefs to Canadian culture. A lot of the kids died because they were beat or hurt so badly. Sometimes parents lost their kids without knowing why or how. If parents tried to hide their children from being taken to school the parents would be arrested but in secret because the government didn't want this to be public issue.
  • Women's right to vote

    Women's right to vote
    In 1929 an act was put out that woman could vote and would be considered 'persons'