Historical Energy Events

Timeline created by Arttianna
  • Electricity

    In 1879 Thomas Edison creates an incadescent light bulb.
  • Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Hydroelectric Power Plant
    In Appleton Wiscosin, the first hydroelectric power plant began operation in 1882.
  • Wind Energy

    Wind Energy
    In 1888 Charles F, Brush used the first large windmill to generate electricity in Cleveland, OH.
  • Ethanol

    Henry Ford built the quadricycle that ran on ethanol.
  • Waste

    Energy recovred from garbage started in NY city
  • Geothermal

    1904, In Larderello Itlay, Prince Piero Ginori Conti invented the first geothermal power plant.
  • Electric Car

    Electric Car
    From 1932-1939 Robert Anderson of Scottland builds first electric car,
  • Hoover Dam

    Hoover Dam
    In 1936 the Hoover Dam was completed
  • Nuclear

    1st full scale Nuclear Power Plant began service in Shippingport, Pennsylvania
  • Dam by Volume

    Dam by Volume
    Syncrude Tailings Dam is the largest dam by voulme in the world