HIS 103 Timeline

Timeline created by Miguelsr
  • Aug 3, 1492

    First voyage of Christopher Columbus

    He set on a voyage to find a quicker route to China and India but instead found the Americas which later connected the old world to the new world. This ​brought many good and bad things.
  • Jun 7, 1494

    Treaty of Tordesillas

    It was an agreement between Spain and Portugal​ to settle conflicts over newly discovered land.
  • 1521

    Cortes conquering the Aztecs

    He was able to do this by having superior military weapons and techniques and also by creating alliances with Aztec enemies.
  • Establishment of Jamestown

    Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in North America.
  • Pilgrams land in Plymouth

    This was where the pilgrims first landed in what we know today as the united states. This was a very important part of​ our history
  • Maryland granted to Lord Baltimore

    King Charles 1 granted a charter to George Calvert
  • Navigation acts

    Laws passed by the ​English Parliament to regulate shipping and maritime commerce.
  • Bacons Rebellion

    Armed rebellion led by Virginia settlers against​ the governer
  • Sugar Act

    It was a revenue-raising act by the parliament of Great​ Britain
  • Stamp act

    A tax on any printed material
  • Tea act

    East India Tea company to set all its to ​the colonies
  • Intolerable acts

    Punitive laws passed by the parliament for the colonist's defiance in the Boston​ tea party
  • Declaration of independence

    America declaring its independence from Great Britain
  • The battle of Saratoga

    This was a decisive victory for the united states over the British​
  • Ratification of the articles of confederation

    Making this the first constitution of the United States
  • The battle of Yorktown

    This was the surrender of Yorktown
  • The Northwest ordinance

    Chartered a Gov. for the new Northwest territory
  • The US Constitution

    Ratifying the new constitution​ of the United States
  • Whiskey Rebellion

    Tax protest in the united states
  • Alien and Sedition acts

    Laws passed by the gov. that made it harder for new immigrants to vote and gave new powers to deport foreigners​
  • Louisiana purchase

    The purchase of Louisiana territory that nearly doubled the size of America​
  • Embargo Act

    Prohibited American​ ships from trading in all foreign ports
  • The battle of HorseShoe Bend

    A US victory over natives in Alabama​ for white expansion
  • Missouri compromise

    Maine as a free state and Missouri as a slave state
  • Mexican independence

    Mexico gaining its​ independence from Spain
  • Texas declares independence

    Declares independence from Mexico
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    Treaty ending ear in favor of the US
  • The compromise of 1850

    5 bills passed by the United States that defused a conflict between slave and free states
  • The Kansas Nebraska Act

    allowed people in those territories to decide for themselves​ if they want to be a slave or free state
  • The Dred Scott decision

    Declaring that he was property and not able to sue his master
  • Secession of North Carolina

    N. C. succeeded from the U.S.
  • The battle of Bull Run

    First major battle in the Civil war
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    This freed all slaves
  • The battle of Gettysburg

    This had the largest number of​ casualties in the war
  • Shermans march

    Marched burning everything in its way, this confirmed the victory of the ​U.S.
  • Lincoln's assassination

    President. was murdered in a theatre
  • Period:

    Kingdom of Ghana

    Originally being named Wagadu, it was located in Africa. It was a ​very wealthy kingdom for many reasons one of them being trade.
  • Period:

    Kingdom of Mali

    This was an empire in West Africa and it was known for its very wealthy leaders such as Musa Kieta.
  • Period:

    Kingdom of Songhai

    It was centered in the middle reachers of the niger river what is now central Mali​.
  • Period:

    Kingdom of Kongo

    It was located in central west Africa and had rich gold mines.
  • Period:

    Voyages of Christopher Columbus

    Italian explorer Christopher Columbus was determined to find a quicker route to Asia​ but instead stumbled upon the Americas.
  • Period: to

    English settlement of Roanoke

    This was a settlement in North​ America established by governer Ralph Lane.
  • Period: to

    King Philips war

    Conflict between Indians and New Englanders
  • Period: to

    Queen Annes war

    Was the second in the series of the French and Indian war
  • Period: to

    The Great awakening

    Religious revival
  • Period: to

    7 Years war

    It was a global war that involved all the 5 European​ great powers
  • Period: to

    Shays Rebellion

    Armed uprising in Massachusetts​ among the citizens and the state gov.
  • Period: to

    War of 1812

    Conflict between the united states and the united kingdom with their respective allies
  • Period: to

    Mexican American war

    A war fought between Mexico​ and the United States
  • Period: to

    The Civil war

    War between the confederate states and the U.S.