Helen Longino (July 13, 1944 - Present)

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  • Birth Date and Early Life

    Birth Date and Early Life
    Helen received her Bachelor's in 1966, followed that with her masters in 1967, and secured her PhD in 1973. She is currently the philosophy professor at Stanford University in California. She is currently 75 years old.
  • Science as a Social Knowledge

    Science as a Social Knowledge
    "The objectivity of scientific inquiry can nevertheless be maintained, she proposes, by understanding scientific inquiry as a social rather than an individual process." (Google Books)
  • Science and Gender

    Science and Gender
    Helen has a very strong stance on feminist epistemology. That is the view of science and gender relations. More in depth it is "It identifies how dominant conceptions and practices of knowledge attribution, acquisition, and justification disadvantage women and other subordinated groups, and strives to reform them to serve the interests of these groups" (Stanford, 2000).
  • Stanford Professor

    Professor Longino has been with Stanford for some time now. She teaches Intro to Philosophy of Science and many other classes. She was the President of the Philosophy of Science Association until recently when she finished her term.
  • Perspectives and Pluralities

    https://youtu.be/631gObE7ctA This lecture will explore how the same phenomenon assumes different forms from different research perspectives and consequences of this for our understanding of scientific knowledge.