Health Maintenance

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    Twenties Health Tips

    Exercise Regularly.
    Have a health checkup every two years.
    Do not smoke or use illegal substances, and drink in moderation.
    Get enough sleep.
    Make good lifestyle choices, and take steps to ensure a good lifestyle. Such choices entail balancing your home and work life and creating a financial plan, for example.
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    Thirties Health Tips

    Continue exercising regularly, and maintain a healthy weight.
    Continue getting enough sleep.
    Reduce stress by better balancing your life.
    Monitor BMI, cholestrol, and blood pressure.
    Build muscle.
    Have yearly clinical testicular exams.
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    Forties Health Tips

    Have consistent physical check ups.
    Conduct frequent hearing and vision tests.
    Monitor for diabetes, cholesterol, and cancer.
    Get immunizations.
    Have yearly testicular exams.
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    Fifties Health Tips

    Eat healthy.
    Stay active.
    Continue immunizations and check ups.
    Challenge your mind.
    Stay away from harmful substances such as alcohol.
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    Sixties Health Tips

    Protect your heart.
    Have a colonoscopy exam.
    Have rectal and fecal occult blood tests.
    Yearly eye exams.
    Blood glucose tests every 3 years.
    Yearly testicular exams.
    Make sure to stay active and challenge your mind.