Hawaiian Volcanoes & Some History About Hawaii

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  • Volcano Damage

    Volcano Damage
    This is the Explosive Volcano, Kilauea. The lava flows from Kilauea are moving with a vengeance right now, damaging roads and heading for some structures. The lava flows near Kalapana have moved almost 200 meters since Sunday, closing within 100 yards of homes in the area. The lava is moving to the east along Highway 130 and 137 - and tourists are making it difficult to get around as they park to watch the lava – upwards of 2,000 people.
  • NASA Research Found

    NASA Research Found
    NASA Researchers found the Hawaiian Volcano, Kilauea, having a large fissure eruption. It began on the East Rift Zone of Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano.
  • New Hawaiian Volcano: Lava Flow The Latest Update

    New Hawaii Volcano This is a video on a very dangerous Volcano. Do you think that it will affect Hawaii a lot or do you think that it is a minor event in Hawaii?
    Watch the video to find out.
  • Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

    Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
    This Volcano is one of the Most Active Volcanoes. It is very and highly dangerous. It has put a ton of damage to Hawaii in the past and is still putting damage on Hawaii.
  • Volcano Man

    Volcano Man
    A man was standing fairly close to a Volcano when it erupted. He had a camera and was Photo Shooting the Volcanoes Eruption. He nearly could have died during the process.
  • Below The Surface: Is Hawaii Really On Top Of The World

    Below The Surface: Is Hawaii Really On Top Of The World
    Volcanoes in Hawaii stretch 1,000 Miles across the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii has 8 different Islands.
  • Kilauea’s Major Ongoing Eruption In 2013

    Kilauea’s Major Ongoing Eruption In 2013
    On the 30th Anniversery of Hawaii's dangerous Volcano Kilauea erupted. Continuous Flow has built a vast plain. This is a dangerous situation in Hawaii right now.
  • Vacano Eruption

    Vacano Eruption
    Even though this was not a major eruption, it still could have effected Hawaii. And it did affect it. A lot. And it still will in the future.
  • Bottlenosed Dolphin In Maui, Hawaii, USA

    Bottlenosed Dolphin In Maui, Hawaii, USA
    Captured in Maui, Hawaii, USA
    Bottlenosed Dolphin
    Hawaii has various types of animals. They are all beautiful.
  • The History Of Hawaii

    The History Of Hawaii
    It is believed that Hawaii’s original settlers arrived here from the Marquesas between 500 and 700 AD. These first visitors to Hawaii brought with them pigs and chickens along with a variety of staple food crops including: Kalo (taro), Ko (sugar cane), Mai`a (banana), Niu (coconut), Uala (sweet potato) and `Ulu (breadfruit). Journals from the voyages of Captain Cook in 1778 document the trading for food and supplies with then native populations of both Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii.