Hatchet Timeline

Timeline created by VinnyJUST
  • Brian's Crash!!

    Brian's Crash!!
    Brian is going to see his dad for the summer before school in the Canadian wilderness, because his parents are divorced (3). But on his way there, everything went awry. The pilot has a heart attack (14)! Brian couldn't do anything but wait for the gas to run out and crash land (27). He landed in an L shaped lake and was stranded in the Canadian wilderness with nothing but a Hatchet(29).
  • His Lucky Find

    His Lucky Find
    Brian remembered one of his teachers always telling people to be motivated or positive, and that's what Brian did (46). He was motivated to find a good shelter and food, like a lean-to or berries, but couldn't find anything (47). Until.... he found a rock and said it would be his shelter right next to it
    (53). But he looked on the far side and got lucky. it was a cave, kind of. It was smaller then a cave by a lot but still big. He went in and now he lived there(54).
  • Gut Cherries

    Gut Cherries
    Brian had a shelter now and he was all set, but not really. He needed food. His hunger was like killing him(55). But he needed food. He knew he had to find berries because he couldn't find any other food (57). But again, luck. Birds came from behind him and it was like they lead him to something (58). The birds landed on a tree with berries and were eating them (59). Brian took a lot and ate them and took more for his shelter if he gets hungry for later (61).
  • First Animal Encounter

    First Animal Encounter
    Brian had just thrown up from all the cherries he ate because he ate so many of them. He was hungry so he went to go find more food (65). He walked around then found something amazing, RASPBERRIES (69)! He found a good food source growing on a bush. Brian took some and started eating. suddenly, Brian heard a noise from his rear and looks and what he saw horrified him. It was a big black bear (70). It came to the other side of the bush and ate some berries. Brian was in shock and couldn't move. T
  • Mid Night Porcupine

    Mid Night Porcupine
    Brian was asleep in the middle of the night when he heard something from outside the shelter (75). He thought it was another animal that was coming to hurt him and he was right. All the sudden he felt a needle feeling in his legs. He awoke fast and saw a porcupine. Before he could think he threw his hatchet at it, but it bounced off of the needles and hit his shelter and made a spark (76). The porcupine left but Brian was hurt. He had to carefully take out all the needles one by one. He ended up
  • First Fire

    First Fire
    Brian woke up knowing how to make the fire he just needed the source. He collected some dead grass and sticks and hit his shelter. The sparks either hit but didn't do anything or missed. He tried again with his $20 bill and ripped it into little peaces and hit, and hit, and hit. He almost gave up until he tried one more time with peaces of dead birch logs. He hit and- it worked!! He was fire. He ran as fast as he can to go get more wood and he got it. A nice, warm fire.
  • The Fish

    The Fish
    Brian went out for food when he found some fish. He knew he couldn't just take them. He needed a spear or a bow to get it. He gathered some sticks and made a spear. After multiple attempts trying to stab a fish, he decided to make a bow. It took him very long to make it but he did. Brian failed multiple times but then got it. He caught the fish. He later put it up on 2 sticks and cooked it and ate it. he described the taste to be the best thing in the world.
  • The Change

    The Change
    Brian just caught the fish and ate it when he heard something. Like a really loud engine. A-a-a plane!! A rescue plane was there in the sky looking for Brian. He quickly ran to his fire and lit it, hoping they would see the smoke and find him. But they didn't. They left. All hope for Brian was gone. No plane. No rescue. He was Alone. He was in despair. He thought to himself, "what if I am left here forever. With no one to save me." From then on, Brian was changed forever.
  • After The Change

    After The Change
    It was 42 days after as Brian called it, the change. He woke up to blood on his arm from trying to kill himself after.- He was on the edge of the L lake with his arrow. But not for fish. For those birds that look crazy when they move. Called fool birds. He found some but couldn't bow them. He needed to understand their movement. After tons of fails, he did it. He later cooked it and ate it. Later he saw a bear and its cubs. He also saw a pack of wolves. That made him realize that it isn't so bad
  • Moose attack

    Moose attack
    Brian had caught more fool birds when he heard a noise from behind him. It was a huge 20 foot moose charging at Brian. It slammed Brian to the ground then throws him into the water. The moose goes to a bush and eats plants. Brian gets up and tried to leave but it charged at him again and hit Brian's head with its hooves. It goes back to eating. Brian ends up retreating slowly. He gets back to the shelter with broken ribs and passes out.
  • Destruction

    Brian woke up to a loud wind noise. He looked out of his shelter to see a tornado. It was tearing apart his shelter. The tornado flew him around but then he fell. The tornado went in the lake and blew water everywhere. Later it was gone. Everything Brian had was gone. He had bad luck. The trees were knocked down and his shelter was destroyed. But in the water laid the tip of the plane's tail. He thought to himself, what if there was goods in there. Like food or water.
  • The Tail Of the Plane

    The Tail Of the Plane
    Brian gets logs for a raft to get to the plane. He ties them but then goes off. He gets to the plane and feels that the tails steal is loose. He uses his hatchet and takes some. But while doing that he dropped the hatchet. He said the hatchet was a part of him and he needed it. he went down in that foggy water and somehow, another showing of his luck, he got it. He found an entry and got in the plane. There, he saw what made him scream. The pilot's dead body. It was all eaten up from the fish. H
  • The Rescue

    The Rescue
    Brian woke up and opened the bag. He found goods like food, water, a pack of matches, a rifle and multiple other goods. One of the things he found was a transmitter. He flipped the switch multiple times but didn't think it worked. He left it on without knowing and went on. He tried to set up some stuff. All the sudden a loud engine. It was a plane! Coming to rescue Brian! A man came out of his plane and explained to Brian that he got the transmitter signal and it led him here. Brian in disbelief