Harry Truman NVT

Timeline created by Nicklol
  • Father

    His father was John Anderson Truman and was born in 1851. He died in 1914.
  • Mother

    His mother was Martha Ellen Young Truman. He and his mother were very close all the way until her death in 1947.
  • Religion

    He and his family were Baptist.
  • Birth

    He was born in Lamar, Missouri.
  • Childhood

    He had poor eyesight which wouldn't allow him to play sports. He was a reader and he enjoyed music. He a pretty good piano player.
  • Education

    He went to school all the way to high school. He went to law school but did not earn a degree. His bad eyesight stopped him from going to West Point.
  • Jobs before President.

    Jobs before President.
    He was a farmer, haberdasher, judge, senator and vice president.
  • Military service

    Military service
    He joined the army in 1917. He an artillery captain until he left in May 1919.
  • Marriage

    He married his childhood sweetheart Bess Wallace.
  • His wife

    His wife
    His wife was Bess Wallace she was his childhood sweetheart. He had proposed before but was turned down. Her parents were rich and did not want her to marry Truman because he wasn't rich.
  • Judge on Jackson County court

    Judge on Jackson County court
    He was elected due to the endorsement of T.J Pendergast.
  • Child

    Truman had one kid. A daughter named Margaret or Mary Truman. She was born on February 17, 1924.
  • Vice President

    Vice President
    He was nominated for Vice president at the DNC in Chicago.
  • President

    Truman was sworn in as president after the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
  • Dropping the bomb

    Dropping the bomb
    On Aug 6 1945 Truman authorized dropping a nuke of Hiroshima and a few days later did the same for Nagasaki. It ended the war.
  • Marshal plan

    Marshal plan
    In 1948 Truman signed the foreign assistance act to help Europe rebuild after WW2.
  • Reelection

    Truman won the reelection and in his inaugural address called for helping the underprivileged people.
  • National security act

    National security act
    Truman signed this bill which established a unified Department of Defense.
  • End of presidency

    End of presidency
    Eisenhower was elected president and Truman attended the inauguration and then returned to Missouri.
  • Harry S Truman library

    Harry S Truman library
    Truman funded the creation of the Harry S Truman library.
  • Daughter marriage

    Daughter marriage
    His daughter marries E Clifton Daniel Jr.
  • Dedication of his library

    Dedication of his library
    Truman attends the dedication of his library.
  • His memoirs

    His memoirs
    Truman publishes his post presidential memoirs Mr. Citizen.
  • JFK

    Truman travels the country showing support for JFK.
  • Truman statue

    Truman statue
    On this day a statue of Truman was unveiled in Athens Greece.
  • Kennedy's funeral

    Kennedy's funeral
    Truman attend the funeral and met up with Eisenhower in what was called a reconciliation of the two political rivals.
  • Senate

    Truman is the first former president to give a speech in the senate.
  • Medicare

    When LBJ signed the Medicare act Truman and his wife received card number one and two
  • Last speech

    Last speech
    Truman makes his last speech at the 4th of July celebrations at the Truman library.
  • Death

    He died of natural causes at age 88 and was buried in Independence Missouri