Harriet Tubman

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  • Birth

    Harriet Tubman borth in 1820 she did not have a birth date
  • Traided

    Harriet Tubman got traided at age seven to a married couple and when she did stuff she didnt know how to do she would get wipped.
  • Running away

    Running away
    Harriet soon ran away from miss Susans family
  • coming back

    coming back
    Harriet decided that it was wrong that she ran away so she came back.
  • weight hurts

    weight hurts
    Harriet was hit on the head with a heavy metal when trying to help a slave escapse.
  • 1st Marrige

    1st Marrige
    Harriet Tubman was married from 1844-1851 To John Tubman
  • Freedom

    She was ment to be free from her life in slavery.
  • gone

    Harriet tubman was running away for the second time from a plantation in a free state.
  • 1st trip to south

    1st trip to south
    Harriet made her very first trip to the south to rescue some family members in december.
  • railroad

    the railroad started and it crossed the border to Canada
  • 2nd trip

    2nd trip
    Harriet soon went back to get her brother and two other men
  • 3rd trip

    3rd trip
    Harriet went back to rescue her mother (Harriet Green) and her father (Ben Ross). This was her only summer trip for the under ground railroad.
  • 4th trip

    4th trip
    Harriet led about 70 slaves to freedom
  • spoken

    Harriet spoke at a New England Antislavery confrence
  • Civil War

    Harriet during the Civil War as a cook, a laundress and nurse at Fort Monroe, Virginia.
  • Spy and Scout

    Spy and Scout
    Harriet worked as a spy and scout for the Union Army under the direction of Edwin M. Stanson.
  • free 750

    free 750
    Harriet helped lead a raid that set about 750 slaves free in june with the Union army up the Comabahne River
  • 13th Amendent

    13th Amendent
    the 13th Amendent was passed and it set all slaves free
  • 2nd Marrige

    2nd Marrige
    2nd Marrige to Nelson Davis 1869-1888
  • death

    Nelson Davis died in188
  • Died

    Harriet Tubman died