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  • Ulysses Birth

    Ulysses Birth
    Full name is Hiram Ulysses Grant, Born in Point Pleasant, Ohio
  • work

    He started working for his dad at the age of 6, they worked on a farm together
  • U.S. Military academy

    U.S. Military academy
    When he was 16 he went off to a military academy in the hope to serve war
  • Graduated

    He graduated from U.S. Military Academy and went to war
  • Served War

    Served War
    At the age of 24, Grant served under Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott in battle
  • Fourth Infantry

    Fourth Infantry
    He was the first lieutenant of the Fourth Infantry
  • Married

    Ulysses married Julia Grant and ended up having 4 kids
  • First born child

    First born child
    His firstborn was Fredrick Dent Grant, he dies on April 11, 1912
  • Second born child

    Second born child
    His name was Ulysses Simpson Grant, he died on September 25, 1929
  • Resigned from army

    Resigned from army
    He left the army and went to work for his dad on a farm
  • Third born child

    Third born child
    Her name was Ellen (Nellie), Wrenshell Grant, she died on August 30, 1922
  • Fourth born child

    Fourth born child
    His name was Jesse Root Grant, he died on June 8, 1934
  • company commander

    company commander
    commander of a company of Illinois volunteer
  • Major General

    Major General
    He became a Major General, U.S. Volunteers
  • Bloodiest Battle

    Bloodiest Battle
    He was general of the bloodiest battle of the time
  • Battle

    He battled in the Battle of Shiloh, he won this battle
  • Battle

    He was in the battle of Chattanooga, they won that battle by a long shot
  • gold medal

    gold medal
    After the battle of Chattanooga, congress gave him a gold metal
  • Battle won

    Battle won
    Siege of Richmond, was a series of battles around Petersburg, Virginia
  • Commander in cheif

    Commander in cheif
    Commissioned lieutenant general, Commander-in-chief of U.S. Army
  • General

    Commissioned general of the army by Congress
  • Secretary of War

    Secretary of War
    After being a general in battle, he became Secretary of War
  • First Term

    First Term
    at age 51, he became president, he beat Horatio Seymour
  • Second Term

    Second Term
    He got re-elected for president
  • World Tour

    World Tour
    While he was president. he toured the world, went to all sorts of places
  • Hip Injury

    Hip Injury
    In the fall, he fell and injured his hip, since on he walked with a cane
  • Went broke

    Went broke
    He tried to become a banker, but failed and went broke
  • His Book

    His Book
    Before he died, he wrote a book named Memoirs, When it was sold, it made over $500,000
  • Baptized

    He was baptized as a methodist when he was 43
  • Died

    He died at the age of 63 and died from throat cancer