Short Term SMART Goal (Graduate)

Timeline created by Tristan Finance
  • SAT Retest

    SAT Retest
    In order to exceed my main short term goal, I will need to retake my SAT test. I will pass it with a 1200+ by studying and taking many practice test so I can fully understand the material given on the test.
  • Mid Terms

    Mid Terms
    In order to achieve my goal, I need to pass all my midterms. I will do this by studying and putting time into fully understanding the information required
  • ACT Retest

    ACT Retest
    In order to exceed my main goal of graduating, I must get a good score on my ACT and SAT. I will achieve this by taking the P-ACT to full understand and have a good understanding of the ACT test as a whole.
  • Student Portfolio

    Student Portfolio
    In order to graduate, I need to finish my student portfolio. I achieve this by working on it over time throughout my senior year.
  • Finals

    To graduate, I need to take my finals test for each of my classes and pass them all to achieve full credits if I plan on graduating. I will achieve this by studying and properly preparing myself for these series of tests.
  • Senior Speech

    Senior Speech
    In order to graduate at Roxboro Community School, I will need to do a senior speech. I will perform my senior speech with confidence and perfection by dedicating time and practice in rehearsing my speech. This is a key step to graduating at Roxboro Community School.