Goal Setting TImeline

Timeline created by Stephanie Pete

    I want to save 2,000$ for a down payment on a car by getting a job and saving 300$ a month for six months. I will have the bank automatically take out the money from my paycheck so I won't be tempted to spend it.
  • Look for Job

    Start filling out applications for jobs. A few days later call for interviews.
  • Get Hired/ Start Job

    After interviews, finally get hired for a job. Start working to save up money.
  • Paycheck

    Paycheck comes once a month. Save up 300 dollars each month/ paycheck until you can get 2,000 dollars to put a down payment for a used car.
  • Looking for cars

    Almost have all the money saved so start going to different car dealerships to look at cars. Find out the good things and bad things about the cars and gather an opinion on which one you'd like to buy.
  • Buy car

    Last paycheck= you saved 2,000. Buy most liked car!