Glass castle

Timeline created by hannah.roach
  • cooking hot dogs

    cooking hot dogs
    Description: Jeanette is 3 years old at that time and her mom was too busy painting to help her get food so she cooks her own hotdogs and ends up catching on fire and had to be taken to the hospital. Explanation: This event gives her permanent scars which remind her that she must be tough in order to survive. She learns at a young age that she has to take care of herself and her siblings because their parents won't.
  • the skedaddle

    the skedaddle
    Description: Jeanette is maybe 4 around this time period and the walls are always doing the skedaddle.Rex says its because the FBI was after him or the getspo but in reality it was the bill collectors. Explanation: Jeanette learns that she cant get attached to anything because they will just leave everything behind again.She can also never make any friends.
  • Living in the dessert

    Living in the dessert
    Description:Jeannette should be 4 at this time and after doing the skadaddle they are now living in the dessert,rose mary have grown up in the dessert has the skills to survive.The children are homeschooled.they also love to dance in rainstorms and steal grapes form vineyards. Explanation:This event causes jeannette to learn more about how to survive in the dessert and ration food and water.(like a cactus).
  • battle mountain

    battle mountain
    Description:They moved into the old depot by the train gets a job.jeannette and brain almost blow up a shed.brian encounters a lady at the green lantern. Explanation:when dad got a job they all were happy that they had food.When they almost blew up a shed brain wouldn't come out so he could have died in that fire and i'm pretty sure that jeannette thought the fire was after her again.The green lantern lady,after the lady talked to brain he got a crush bu jeannette is still confused.
  • Hot pot

    Hot pot
    Description:Jeannette is 7 and the walls family goes to a natural sulfur spring in the dessert north of town and surrounded by rocks and quick throws her in to try and teach her how to swim Explanation:Jeannette learns that if she kept going back to dad he would just throw her in again.This made her lose a little trust in her dad but know that he would never hurt her.(If you don't want to sink,you better figure out how to swim).
  • billy deel

    billy deel
    Description:After jeanette's 8th birthday a kid billy deel he was 3 years older than her.The kids on the tracks were playing hide and seek and billy found jeannette and tried to rape her.Billy told every one that she was his girlfriend then tried to shot her when she said no.
    Explanation: Jeannette has learned how to protect herself even more and had to use the gun in real life and not just practise.After this happened the police where called and the walls had to do the skadaddle again.
  • Erma

    Description: Jeannette is 9 years old when Erma starts to harass the day when the parents were gone Erma tried to take advantage of Brian and sexually assult him and they think that's what happened to rex. When she passed away they all said ding-dong the which is dead Explanation: Erma has scared all the children by trying to touch Brian and then slapped Lori flinging her glasses which made them hate her even more so they learned how to protect one an other and defend themselves.
  • Beckers jewel shop

    Beckers jewel shop
    Description:jeannette is 13 now and after her father takes the check for the lease on the texas land but jeannette catches him trying to take jeannette has to get a job just to feed and keep a roof over their she puts on a lot of make up and moms clothes and goes and gets a job at Beckers jewel shop. Explanation:jeannette has had to grow up in such little time and has taken on so much responsibility of taking care of everyone.she now understands that she has to be tough like mom.
  • Moving to New York(big apple)

    Moving to New York(big apple)
    Description:After jeannette finished grade 11 she is 17 and is leaving to new york because nothing in welch has worked out for anyone.someone said to her that once your in welch it is hard to leave and not in a good way. Explanation:Jeannette is growing up and learns to be a grown up.she has changed so much through out the book and has learned how to take care of herself,go to collage and graduate in 1984.gets a full time job at new york magazine and then as a gossip columnist.
  • Rex and Rose mary being homeless

    Rex and Rose mary being homeless
    Description:after rex and rose move to new york they were home less for a while but after that they found an abandoned building they are now living in with other squatters. Explanation:Jeannette feels like she is letting them down by them being homeless and no money but all rose mary had to say was being homeless is an adventure.But yet jeannette is ashamed about her parents. jeannette is hurt but happy.