Germany 1900-1914

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  • Caprivi appointed chancellor

  • Agrarian League formed

    Put pressure on parliament and to win support and privileges for landowners, third of a million members
  • Hohenlohe chancellor

  • Weltpolitik initiated

    Maintain Germans dominance on the contitnent,
    alienate Britain
    Economic spheres of influence, by colonial acquisition
    expansion of naval power
    Nationalists/Impereialists/ Social Darwinists all favoured this
  • Navy League formed

    Nazy league argued that naval expansion was a patriotic national symbol of Germany's new status in the world
    Tirpitz implemented this league
    one million in support
  • Bulow appointed

    Social refom -- tariff reform
    conscription reduced from 3 to 2 years
  • Daily Telegraph affair

    1908-1909 during the winter, Kaiser told daily telegraph of the foreign politicial policies. Chancellor then persuaded the population he had nothing to do with the kaisers decision to mediate, however this was not true, and chancellor was dimissed
  • Bethman made chancellor

  • Bethman appointed Chancellor

  • Conservatives votes fall

    Votes fell to 26% from 48% in 1887
  • Major socilaist gains in Reichstag elections

  • Zabern Affair

    Nov 1913 officers ordered locals to move off the streets after protests
    28 arrested
    army officers acted ahead of the law and claimed they were responsible to the kaiser not the people
    Wilhelm condoned this action
    chancellor ignored the vote of no confidence
    shows divide in poltics in Germany
  • Outbreak of First World War