George H.W. Bush

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  • birth

    George h w bush was born in Milton Massachusetts
  • ww2

    George H.W. Bush served in the ww2 war.
  • war

    after his 18th birthday he was the youngest to enlist in the war and was the nations youngest commissioned piolet, and flew 58 combat missions
  • bravery

    George's plane caught on fire after trying to bomb the Japanese, he continued to keep flying and successfully bomb before parachuting out of the plane
  • youngest piolet in commission

    youngest piolet in commission
    George H.W. Bush became the youngest pilot in commission when he was 18. he flew 58 missions
  • completion

    he finished his military service
  • marriage

    Bush married Barbara bush at age 20 and had 5 kids with her
  • 1st born

    1st born
    George W Bush was born
  • graduation

    He graduated form Yale college in New Haven
  • Pauline Robinson Bush

    Pauline Robinson Bush
    Pauline Robinson Bush was George H.W. Bush's daughter and she died of leukemia at a very young age
  • the house

    the house
    George joined the house of representatives
  • appointed

    Richard Nixon appointed George to ambassador to the united nations
  • vice president

    vice president
    George h w bush tired running for republican nomination for president but lost and was chosen vice president for Ronald Reagan
  • end

    cold war ended during his time in office
  • president

    he officially became president
  • "Read my lips, no new taxes"

    "Read my lips, no new taxes"
    only after a month George tired to pass a tax after he said he wouldn't add on to the taxes that society already had.
  • banning

    semi-automatic rifle ban
  • helping bush

    helping bush
    Bush gives Poland assistance
  • walls falling

    walls falling
    The Berlin Wall falls during his presidency
  • anit-drug

    George H.W. Bush passed a new anti-drug law that expands the prison
  • meeting

    George H.W. Bush met Mikhail Gorbachev to have their first meeting as he was president about nuclear disarmament
  • new taxes

    new taxes
    he proposed a new tax after his 1988 election saying that it would be more beneficial
  • vetoed

    Bush Vetoed that civil rights act saying it would introduce the destructive force
  • clean

    Bush signs the clean air act in 1990 to put stricter rules to clear up the air around us
  • end of his presidency

    end of his presidency
    Bill Clinton ran him out of office during reelection
  • 9/11

    9/11 happened when his son was in office. and when the U.S. cancelled all air flight to other countries, George W Bush's plane was flying out of the country
  • long lived

    long lived
    George H.W. Bush on record is the longest lived president. at the age of 94 years old
  • wife's death

    wife's death
    his wife died a few months before himself
  • death

    he died from vascular Parkinson's disease
  • funeral

    George H.W. Bush's funeral was at Presidential library and museum