General Music History by William Barkhouse

Timeline created by Barky
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  • Invention of the Lovers Telephone

    Invention of the Lovers Telephone
    English physicist Robert Hooke experiments with an approach to amplification other than air with a stretched wire with a cup at each end.
  • Invention of the Telephone

    Invention of the Telephone
    Antonio Meucci invented the first telephone, which later allowed the general public access to a Microphone and speaker.
  • Creation of the Microphone

    Creation of the Microphone
    Emile Berliner Created the first Modern Microphone.
  • The Phonograph

    The Phonograph
    Edison invents the cylinder Phonograph used to record and playback sound.
  • First Record Player

    First Record Player
    Emile Berliner invents the Gramophone, the first flat record player.
  • Invention of Magnetic Wire Sound Recording

    Invention of Magnetic Wire Sound Recording
    Danish inventor Valdemar Poulson invents Magnetic Wire Sound Recording.
  • Invention of Radio

    Invention of Radio
    Guglielmo Marconi invented Radio Communication and proved it's feasibility by sending and receiving his first message.
  • Pre-Recorded Flat Disks

    Pre-Recorded Flat Disks
    Eldredge Johnson perfects the first system of mass production of pre-recorded flat disks, otherwise known as Vinyl.
  • First Radio Station

    First Radio Station
    Charles Herrold starts up his own radio station named The Herrold Station located from his Wireless Telegraph College in San Jose, California; Broadcasting voice and music from California to San Jose.
  • First Recording Studio

    First Recording Studio
    The first OKeh Records studio in New York is set up by Otto KE Heinemann.
  • First computer Concept

    First computer Concept
    Alan Turing proposed the first principal of the modern computer in his seminal 1936 paper on computable numbers.
  • First Live Looping

    First Live Looping
    Les Paul demonstrated live looping for the first time on the television show Omnibus.
  • RCA Electronic Music Synthesizer Mark I invention

    RCA Electronic Music Synthesizer Mark I invention
    The RCA Electronic Music Synthesizer Mark I was the first synthesizer, it used tuning forks and information on a roll of paper tape to play music through a pair of loudspeakers.
  • The Beatles Record "Abbey Road"

    The Beatles Record "Abbey Road"
    The Beatles record their eleventh studio album "Abbey Road" at now world famous Abbey Road Studios, titling their album after the studio and giving it its renowned fame.
  • First Electronic Drum-Kit

    First Electronic Drum-Kit
    Graeme Edge, drummer of The Moody Blues, creates the first electronic drum-kit in collaboration with Sussex University Professor Brian Groves.
  • First DAW

    First DAW
    Soundstream creates the first DAW, called the Digital Editing System.
  • The Birth Of Midi

    The Birth Of Midi
    The Roland Jupiter-6 and the Prophet 600 take their first breaths they lead the way to the future of MIDI.
  • Spotify is Released

    Spotify is Released
    Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon release the online streaming platform Spotify.