French revolution timeline

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  • Meeting of the Estates General 1789

    Meeting of the Estates General 1789
    This was a meeting about if they need the continue with the original system of the three states or they create something like a democracy with a constitution.
  • Fall of Bastille

    Fall of Bastille
    Bastille was a medieval fortress that was destroyed by those who wanted to change the old French regime, this made the king move to another city.
  • March on versailles

    March on versailles
    The march on Versailles was a march that her objective was to stop the monarchy, have more laws for the women, and to have more equality.
  • Fligth to Varanees

    Fligth to Varanees
    The flight to the Varanees was a try from the king with his family to escape from Paris disguised as a Russian family, but they got caught in Varanees.
  • Dissolution of the assambly

    Dissolution of the assambly
    After the meeting of the states-general event, 30 persons start creating a constitution, then in 1791 the king accepted the constitution, and the first assembly dissolve and they create a new one.
  • War with Austria 1792

    War with Austria 1792
    This was a war between the republic of french with allies and Austria with her allies, this war produced because austria continues with monarchy so when a new thinking occurred, they possibly think that it can exand to her territory, but finally between all that tensions, france was the one that declared war on Austria.
  • Declaration of the first french republic

    Declaration of the first french republic
    The declaration ocurred thanks to the consitution and other factors and this republic lasted 12 years until napoleon turned it into the first french empire.
  • Trial of Louis XVI

    Trial of Louis XVI
    The trial of Louis that was an execution happened after he takes the communion, this happens in the Concorde square that in that time was called revolution square. This execution happens because he was no longer king of france.
  • Reign of terror 1793

    Reign of terror 1793
    This was a period that because of all the wars with Austria and his allies, The french people start spreading the terror by executing anyone who does a suspicious activity against the revolutionary thinking or the laws, this thinking has as a leader someone called Maximillien Robespierre that after his execution this era of terror finished.
  • The directory 1795

    The directory 1795
    The convention approve a new constitution was the directive power was conformed by 5 members called directors, and the legislative power were conformed by a bicameral assembly that were the council of elders and the council of the five hundred. This constitution supremmed the masculine suffrage and restore the universal suffrage.
  • Napoleon in 1799

    Napoleon in 1799
    After the creation of this directory the people were tired of have invasor and don't take action so napleon that won a lot of battles for France, one day he arrive, made a coup and with his army and dismiss the 500 of the legislative power and napoleon bemome council.
  • Napoleonic wars 1803-1815

    Napoleonic wars 1803-1815
    When Napoleon finally become something like a king, he starts attacking the united kingdom with his ally Spain, after a months napoleon can´t defeat london so Trinidad is conceived to UK and spain take back menorca. After that he attack spain telling him that want to conquer Portugal but his real intentions were to take all the Iberic Peninsula, that war france wins but then in the Spain indepence happens something.
  • LA indepence wars

    LA indepence wars
    These wars were influenced a lot by the french revolution and that spain was in the power of France so now spain has less power than before, the indepence war of Colombia was directed principally by Simón Bolivar, the independence war of Argentina, Chile, most part of Bolivia and Peru was directed by San Martin, and Mexican Empire by Agustin Itrubide.
  • Invasion to rusia (Napoleonic wars part 2)

    Invasion to rusia (Napoleonic wars part 2)
    Napoleon attack Russia during the summer but the Russians burn all that napoleon conquer, and then because Napoleon now is being attacked by both sides of Europe he surrenders.
  • Congress of vienna

    Congress of vienna
    The congress of vienna was like a discussion about how they are going to delete that revolutionary thinking and how they are gonna distribute the territories.