Freedom by 1945

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  • Pearl Harbor Ravaged!

    Pearl Harbor Ravaged!
    Army Nurse recalls Pearl Harbor Attacks
    I had a real problem with pennicillin when I worked as a nurse in Pearl Harbor. How I survived those gruesome attacks I will never know. I just knew I had to quit, to honor my fallen friends and soldiers.
  • Bank seizes Japanese American accounts

    Bank seizes Japanese American accounts
    The freezing of Japanese banks and accounts
    We did what we had to do. Who knows what those Japanese are capable of? If they have their banks and money, they could attack us again! We can't let that happen.
  • Areas being prepared for Camps

    Areas being prepared for Camps
    Decision to evacuate Japanese Americans from the Pacific Coast
    My neighbor has rushed over to tell me something I wished would never happen. Somehow she got word that the government was building places. I have a horrible feeling it involves us Japanese.
  • Executive Order 9066 signed.

    Executive Order 9066 signed.
    Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066
    My brother and I were waiting for my mother when he gasped. I didn't understand what was so bad about this paper on the window, but when my mother came and saw, she cried and took us home. We packed the rest of the day.
  • Manzanar Waiting...

    Manzanar Waiting...
    Manzanar and Owens Valley
    I was hired to teach at the now prepared Manzanar camp. I walked up to the barbed wire fences and took it all in. People were going to be ripped from all they knew to come to this?
  • Henry Stimson planning an all Japanese combat force

    Henry Stimson planning an all Japanese combat force
    Henry Stimson
    I didn't really understand Stimson's views. How do you know those Japanese won't turn on us? I wouldn't trust them to have my back when we go into battle, not one bit.
  • Japanese Men Joining the Army!

    Japanese Men Joining the Army!
    Duncan v. Kahanamoku
    My brother decided to join the army after we were informed. He is doing it to prove we are not evil, that we love America. Even though I'm little, I don't want himto die and be viewed as evil...
  • D-Day

    D-Day-June 6, 1944- the United States Army
    This is it, they arrived to help us! Normandy is going to be absolute chaos but I believe that the allies will achieve. Hitler will perish before us for terrorizing France!
  • Freedom by 1945

    Freedom by 1945
    The Japanese-American Internment ExperienceU.S. announces Japanese Americans to be released by the end of 1945. I recieved word that everyone will be free soon. I'm afraid of what life holds for us outside of this wasteland. Will we be hurt, or killed? Will we be homeless? I don't know anymore.
  • VJ DAY! Peace at Last!

    VJ DAY! Peace at Last!
    Victory over Japan
    I recieved news my grandmother was killed in Nagasaki. Though I am relieved the war is over, I feel immense pain for my family in Japan, and I feel remorse over the life we once had.
  • Freedom!

    Children of the Camps
    I have my doll in my arm and my heavy suitcase. I am now 13, and wondering what life will be like. We don't have our old home anymore, which makes Dad mad, but my sister and I hope to make the best of things. We're free.
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    Japanese in America during WWII