Franklin Pierce

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  • Birth

    He was born in Hillsborough and his parents are Benjamin Pierce and Anna Kendrick Pierce
  • Highschool

    He attended Academics of Handcock and Frances town, N.H
  • College

    He went to college at Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me
  • House of representatives

    House of representatives
    He later became a a representative in New Hampshire, Pierce was a member of the New Hampshire State Legislature at the same time his father was governor of New Hampshire
  • Speaker

    He became a speaker for New Hampshire's House of Representatives
  • Senate

    Not much after being a reprehensive he became a senate
  • Married

    He got married at Amherst, Mass to Jane Pierce
  • Child born

    Child born
    Franklin Pierce was born named after his father, in Hillsborough, N.H.
  • Child death

    Child death
    3 days later Franklin Pierce died in Hillsborough, N.H.
  • Mothers death

    Mothers death
    His mother died not much long before his father had
  • Fathers death

    Fathers death
    His father died in Chelmsford, Mass he was soldier, farmer, tavern owner, and governor
  • Child born

    Child born
    Frank Robert Pierce was born in Concord, N.H
  • Child born

    Child born
    Benjamin Pierce was born in Concord N.H.
  • Resigned law

    Resigned law
    He eventually resigned study law for a while to go into war
  • Child death

    Child death
    Frank Robert Pierce later died 4 years later in Concord N.H.
  • Private

    After doing time in law he later joined the army to become a private in Mexican war
  • General

    After time of being a private he became a commissioned brigadier general
  • Mexico

    He later sailed to Mexico city for war
  • Injured

    He got injured at Contreras when horse became frightened
  • Chapultepec

    Soon he became a Chapultepec
  • Governor decline

    Governor decline
    HE declined a appointment made by the governor of New Hampshire
  • Nominee

    He got nominated to become president
  • Elected for president

    Elected for president
    He was going against Winfield Scott. His vice president was William Rufus De Vane King. To then be the 14th president and also he was democratic.
  • Child death

    Child death
    Benjamin Pierce later dies by a train in front of both his parents in Concord N.H.
  • Inauguration

    It was on a Friday and took oath of office on the east portico of the Capital. The oath was administered by Chief Justice Taney.
  • Supreme court

    Supreme court
    Associate Justice
    John Archibald Campbell
  • Vice president death

    Vice president death
    William Rufus De Vane King died so suddenly he never preformed any duties
  • Kansas

    He had sent an attack to Kansas for act to end end salary. This was a start to the civil war.
  • Cabinet Retained

    Cabinet Retained
    He was the first president to fully retain the cabinet without any changes
  • Death

    he died in concord, N.H., and later was buried in Old north cemetery, Concord N.H. ,he died of liver disease