Frankenstein - Hurley

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  • AD 1

    Elizabeth is adopted

    Elizabeth is adopted by the Frankenstein's when she is young. She is a beautiful child. (pg.34)
  • AD 1

    Victor's father marries Caroline

    Victor's father marries his friend Beaufort's daughter, Caroline. Resulting in a new family. (pg.32)
  • AD 1

    Beaufort dies

    Beaufort becomes ill. His daughter, Caroline attempts to nurse him back to health but he dies. (pg.32)
  • 2

    Victor has a younger brother

    His brother is seven years younger than him. There is a large age gap between them. (pg. 36)
  • 2

    Victor becomes friends with Henry Clerval

    Victor becomes friends with Henry Clerval. He is Victor's first friend.
  • 2

    Victor reads Philosophy books

    Victors father does not approve of him reading these books. However, Victor wants to learn more. (pg.38)
  • 2

    Victor sees a tree hit by lightning

    This sparks his interest in the power of electricity. This is an important scene in the book. (pg.39)
  • 3

    Victory goes to the University of Ingolstadt

    He goes to University to study. He then says goodbye to his family and friends. (pg.42)
  • 3

    Elizabeth gets scarlet fever

    She recovers because her mother nursed her back to health. However this leads to consequences for her mother. (pg.42)
  • 3

    Victor and Elizabeth's mother dies

    She dies of scarlet fever. She wants Elizabeth and Victor to get married. (pg.43)
  • 3

    Victor becomes very interested in the sciences

    Victor meets professors M. Krempe and M. Waldman. He is learning new things. (pg.46)
  • 4

    Victor gets his own lab and starts assembling his creation

    He has his own lab. This causes him to start his project. (pg.50)
  • 4

    Victor wants to regenerate life and becomes obsessed

    He becomes so obsessed that he does not take care of himself. He does not communicate with his family (pg.49)
  • 5

    Victor finishes his creation and brings it to life

    He is amazed at first but quickly become horrified and scared when he realises what he has done. (pg.56)
  • 5

    Victor and Henry meet again

    Henry comes to Ingolstadt to study. Victor is horrified by his creation, doesn't know what to do and is very scared. (pg.58)
  • 5

    Victor becomes sick and Henry helps him

    Victor's family is very concerned about him. Henry is also growing concerned for Victor. (pg.57)
  • 5

    Victor's Character Development 1-5

    Victor has a great childhood but develops a temper as he gets older. He is very determined to complete his goals and read many books. When he goes to university, he becomes very interested in the sciences and electricity. He obsesses over making his creation and reanimating life with the power of electricity. When he does this, he becomes horrified and scared with what he has done and becomes ill.
  • 6

    Clerval is introduced to the Professors

    "One of my first duties ... was to introduce Clerval to the several professors of the university" pg.65
  • 6

    Elizabeth has some concerns for Victor

    "Clerval writes that indeed you are getting better ... I eagerly hope that you will confirm this" pg. 62
  • 7

    Alphonse's Letter

    "William is dead! that sweet child, whose smiles jelighted and warmed my heart, who was gentle, yet so gay! Victor, he is murdered!" (pg 69)
  • 7

    Home of the Accused

    "I was firmly convinced in my own mind that Justine, and indeed every human being was guiltless of the" (pg 77)
  • 8

    Elizabeth and Victor visit Justine

    " I did confess, but I confessed a lie. I confessed, that I might obtain absolution; but now that falsehood lies heavier at my heart than all my other sins. The God of heaven forgive me! Ever since I was condemned, my confessor has besieged me; he has threatened and menaced, until I almost began to think that I was the monster he said I was." (pg. 83)
  • 8

    Trial of Justine

    Justine admits to being guilty of killing william. " Justine was called on for her defence. As the trial proceeded, her countenance had altered "
    (pg 79)
  • 9

    Victor finds comfort with nature

    "My wanderings were directed towards the valley of Chamounix" pg.90
  • 9

    Victor considers

    "Dear Victor, banish these dark passions remember the friends around you, who centre all their hopes in you..." (Pg89)
  • 10

    Creature Convinces Victor to hear his Story

    "I demand this from you. Hear my tale; it is long and strange, and the temperature of this place is not fitting to your fine sensations; come to the hut upon the mountain." (Pg. 97)
  • 10

    Creature Finds Victor

    "As I said this I suddenly beheld the figure of a man, at some distance, advancing towards me with superhuman speed." (Pg. 94)
  • 11

    The monster finds fire

    "I found a fire which had been left by some wandering beggars, and was overcome with delight at the warmth I experienced from it." Pg. 99
  • 11

    The monster finds the family

    "The family, after having been thus occupied for a short time, extinguished their lights and retired, as I conjectured, to rest." Pg. 104
  • 12

    Understanding the Human Nature

    Upon seeing the family, he begins to question why they act the way they do and why they seem unhappy.
    "They were not entirely happy." (Page 105)
  • 12

    Wood Gatherer

    After the creature realizes that the family that he is stealing from is in fact being saddened by their poverty the creature helps Felix by gathering wood and putting it on their doorstep so that Felix won't have to do it. "they placed food before the old man when they reserved none for themselves." (Page 106)
  • 13

    The Monster Learns The Language

    "While I improved in speech I also learned the Science of letters as it was taught to the stranger, and this opened before me a wide field for wonder and delight." (Page: 113)
  • 13

    Safie Escaped Slavery

    "Felix seemed ravished with delight when he saw her, every trait of sorrow vanished from his face and it instantly expressed a degree of ecstatic joy." (Page: 112)
  • 14

    Frankenstein's monster tells about how Safie's father was sentenced to death.

    "The father of Safie had been.. for some reason which I could not learn, he became obnoxious to the government" (pg. 118)
  • 14

    Victor's Character Development 6-14

    Victor develops in these chapters by dealing with the creature that he brought to life and abandoned. He feels guilty because he knows dangerous information about what is actually causing murders, He continues to run from his problems.
  • 15

    The monster goes out into the forest

    The monster finds books and clothes in the woods while he is foraging for food. He also discovers fire for the first time. He finds out that Victor was totally grossed out by him and hated that he had brought the monster to life. (pg.122)
  • 16

    The monster saves a girl, and kills William

    The monster swears revenge on all people, yet saves a girl drowning only to get shot. When William finds him in the area and states his father is Frankenstein, he is killed. (pg.128 )
  • 17

    Victor meets the monsters requests

    The monsters wants a companion so he is not alone. He says that they will live far away, so Victor agrees. The monster tells him that he will follow him and track his progress. (pg.139 )
  • 18

    Victor goes on a trip with his Father and Henry

    Victor procrastinates his promise to the monster. He finally decides to begin in England. When Victor's fathers sees that he is upset, he assumes it has to do with Elizabeth and he and Henry join Victor on a trip. (pg. 144 )
  • 19

    Victor leaves to Scotland to work on the companion monster

    Victor can not work on the monster with his father and Henry breathing down his neck, so he leaves to be in solitude. there he works exclusively on the companion monster. He thinks about the possible outcomes of this monster. (pg.156 )
  • 20

    Victor destroys the companion monster

    While working on the monster in solitude, he thinks about the dangerous outcomes of this second monster. He realizes what he should do, an destroys what. he has made so far. (pg.160 )
  • 20

    Victor's Character Development 15-20

    Victor is consumed with guilt for creating the monster and wants to try and fix his mistake. When the monster says he will leave Victor alone if he makes him a companion, he agrees. But he soon realizes the potential dangers and this proves his development of character from the beginning of the book by not making an impulse decision he regrets.
  • 21

    Ch.21: Victor is treated as person of high status and not given the natural response of someone accused of murder.

    "I soon learned that Mr.Kirwin had shown me extreme kindness. He had caused the best room in the prison to be prepared for me" (pg.170)
  • 22

    Victor is alone because the monster killed all of his friends and family

    "Justine, poor unhappy Justine, was as innocent as I, and she suffered the same charge; she died for it; and I am the cause of this- I murdered her. William, Justine, and Henry- they all died by my hands." (page 176)
    This quote describes Frankenstein's Isolation because of his grief of his friends and family's deaths from the monster he created.
  • 23

    Chapter 23: Victor know that the Monster is Coming on His Wedding Night P.185

    "I earnestly entreated her to retire, resolving not to join her until I had obtained some knowledge as to the situation of my enemy."
    "She left me, and i continued sometime walking up and down the passages of the house and inspecting every corner that might afford a retreat to my adversary." (pg.185)
  • 23

    Chapter 23: Victor and Elizabeth enjoy scenery at the Island.

    "we walked for a short time on the shore, enjoying the transitory light, and then retired to the in and contemplated the lovely scene of waters, woods, and mountains, obscured in darkness, yet still displaying their black outlines."(pg 185) this segment represents Victor's enjoyment in nature which allows him for forget about the monster and relax. This moment is stated to be when he is the happiest, and this is later taken away when the monster kills his wife.
  • 23

    Chapter 23: The creature kills Elizabeth on their wedding night.

    The creature shows his monstrosity by killing the person that Victor loved the most.
    "She was there, lifeless and inanimate, thrown across the bed, her head hanging down and her pale and distorted features half covered by her hair." (Pg.186)
  • 23

    The monster feels isolated once Victor dies.

    "But soon I shall die, and what I now feel be no longer felt." (page 211)
    The monster has hated his creator for so long that when the reality of his creator dying hit him, he realized the wrong that he had done and that he was now truly alone.
  • 23

    Frankenstein Talking to the Magistrate Ch.23 Pg.190

    "This address caused a considerable change in the physiognomy of my own auditor. He had heard my story with that half kind of belief that is given to a tale of spirits and supernatural events: but when he was called upon to act officially in consequence, the whole tide of his incredulity returned." (Pg. 190) This quote talks about how Frankenstein talked to the magistrate about his creation ,the monster, but he didn't believe him which caused Frankenstein to have a horrible realization.
  • 24

    The Creature Pitiy's Himself After They Tortured Frankenstein

    "'Do you think that I was then dead to agony and remorse? He,' he continued, pointing to the corpse, 'he suffered not in the consummation of the deed. Oh! Not the ten-thousandth portion of the anguish that was mine during the lingering detail of its execution." (Pg 208)
  • 25

    Letters: The monster feels isolated once Victor dies.

    But soon I shall die, and what I now feel be no longer felt." (page 211)
    The monster has hated his creator for so long that when the reality of his creator dying hit him, he realized the wrong that he had done and that he was now truly alone.
  • 25

    Victor's Character Development 21-24 & Letters

    Victor becomes unstable an sick after being shown the body of his friend Henry. The only positive aspect of his life is Elizabeth, who he will be married to shortly. However, the monster kills her and he is left empty and wanting revenge. He starts to realize how his ambition got the best of him in the later chapters, becomes wiser and tries to warn Walton about what could happen to him.
  • Period:
    AD 1