Forensic Serology and DNA Analysis Time Line

Timeline created by DonyeP
  • Hume II used bloodstain evidence from a crime scene. Important because this is how dna was collected.

  • French Royal Academy of Medicine showed work of blood stain deteching, which is important because its dna being analyised in the medical field.

  • hematin crystals were created by Teichman to also use towards dna. Important because this is how dna showed any evidence.

  • The "Antozone" test was invented to test blood and peroxide together. Important because this was a way of analzing the dna.

  • Schönbein found a technique which tells the prsence of blood, even when it has been washed. IMportant because this a way of deteching blood stains or blood stains that were once on something.

  • Ernst Heinrich Häckel discovers heredity info comes from the nucleus cell. Important because its generic info of the dna.

  • "Nuclein" is isolated from white cells, also now known as DNA, by Miescher. Important because this is how dna is deteched.

  • The first centrifuge is invented by Carl de Laval. Important because this is what separted different dnas, and how dnas were mixtured.

  • Dr. Paul Uhlenhuth uses the Precipitin Test, which is protein used to separate human blood from animal blood. Important because its separating two different dnas.

  • Lattes was the first criminal reporter to have a case where blood groups werent the same. Important because this is the first case of blood work not being the same.

  • Alexander Weiner uses an absorption-inhibition test to detech blood from dried blood. IMportant because this is how dna can be found even if its dried up,

  • Walter Specht discovers that a chemical can glow in the dark when in contact with blood. Imporant because this is another way how dna is deteched.

  • Landsteiner and Weiner discover the Rh blood group system. Important because its another way of analyzing dna.

  • Barr and Bertram separate cell nuclei from male and female. Important because you can be able to tell which dna is male and which is female.

  • Watson and Crick tell about the molecular structure of DNA. Important because this is how the dna structure gets drawn out.