Fetal Development Timeline

Timeline created by LoganHorst2018
  • Week 5

    Week 5
    In the fifth week the amniotic fluid in the fetus is being built up. The embryo has grown to be about the size of a pin head and is receiving oxygen and nutrients. It receives both of these from the placenta which has also developed.
  • Week 8

    Week 8
    In this stage the toes and elbows are starting to become visible at their location and the fetus' arms and legs are growing. The face is also starting to take shape, along with the buds of the hands and feet. Under the gums, the fetus' teeth start to develope.
  • Week 11

    Week 11
    In the 11th week the whole body besides the tongue is sensative to touch. Along with these tastes buds are starting to develope. At this point fingers and toes have separated.
  • Week 16

    Week 16
    The fetus now measures around 5 five inches from the top of the body to the waist area. Fat now begins to form under the fetus' skin. The baby can hear external noises, sleep, and dream.
  • Week 19

    Week 19
    The fetus, continuously growing, is now about 6.5 inches and weighs 9 ounces. The placenta is still growing and nourishing the baby. During week 19 the babys genitals are now recognizable and distinct.
  • Week 23

    Week 23
    The baby weighs almost a pound now and is around 11 inches tall. Eyebrows are now becoming visible. In the babys ear, its bones in the middle of the ear are starting to harden.
  • Week 27

    Week 27
    Now that the eyes have fully developed, the baby can now open, close, and blink its eyes. The head has grown to be about 2.5 inches in diameter. Along with a lot of other things, the babys hearing continues to develope.
  • Week 32

    Week 32
    The layer of fat under the babys skin is getting thicker. During this week, the finger and toe nails are completely formed. The baby is now about 17 inches. If the baby is a boy, its testicles will be descending from the groin down into its scrotum.
  • Week 35

    Week 35
    During week 35 the babys lungs are almost fully developed. The babys reflexes are now coordinated. Due to the fat levels that have developed, the body is starting to grow round. Around 90% of babys born during this week, survive.
  • Week 39

    Week 39
    The baby has now reached its final birth position. Under the mothers pelvis, the baby will kick and punch. The average baby is about 20 inches long, and the diameter of its head is about 10 inches.